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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Alternative Media Battle Their Way To PRU 13

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It has been a long time since I let my fingers punching keyboard to follow my head here. This other side of cyber-writing look like not so productive compared to the Catatan Ibnu Din Assingkiri. Not that I have not travel lately, or I don't eat out, I just damn lazy to write about food and travel... I guess.

I don't know, lately, I keep on 'makan' at not so good place for me to cover their business. I won't comment or cover if the food not up to my level. I don't want to give empty promises or bluff people. I am not like some Malaysian politicians, who spin lies in making sure continuous support from the rakyat. Hehehe... WTH I am talking about? This is the result of wondering around PR and BN cyber-trooper blogs.

After a balance round of blogs' reading (I don't blogwalk btw) to both sides, I smiled to myself so many times. I saw many issues has been brought up, some important, some are mere nonsense. Some get answered, some remained as mystery....(scratch my non-itchy head)

I remembered, I once saw a vandal wrote this on the toilet's wall: "Bohsia Terbaik, Tel. No.  XXX-XXXXXXX." I do not think it was true. I think that the intention was to tarnish the image of that poor girl. Maybe that fellow been rejected by that girl, hence all the Bohsia promotion thing happened. But do you guys think all people out there will think the same way? I guess not. This is the uniqueness of Malaysian people and politicians (and cyber-troopers) know this very well.

On top of the truth uncovered, so many lies spin around and yet so many people believed it. This is big market for political related blogs no matter which side they are blogging for. So if you want to make it big in blogging, try to become a cyber-trooper. Sure your blog 'meletup' one. :)

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