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Saturday, February 27, 2010

Job Interview Tips for Fresh Grads-Part 3

Tricky Questions
Some interviewers in bigger MNC like to ask tricky questions.
Tricky questions are those seen okay to answer without deep thinking. (ha ha ha. I hate this deep thinking things, but they are vitals for recruiting capable leaders)
Q: Are you trainable and willing to learn new things?. Your background is in Electrical, what if we give you Mechanical job?
(Real Meaning: Are you adaptable to changes or you are a stagnant kind of person?)
A: Yes, I am willing to learn whatever new skills required to perform better in organization.
(Wrong Answer: I prefer to work in Electrical field because I applied for that position.)
Q: How  do you feel about cultural diversity? (WTH!!)
(Real Meaning: How do feel about working in a multi-ethnics organization?)
A: I feel that diversity make us stronger and harmonized. A good balance of ethnics groups, is useful when its come to doing overtime during annual celebrations, Hari Raya, Chinese New Year, Deepavali etc.
(Wrong Answer: I don't prefer to work with "tuttttt" people. They are lazy bumps.
Q: Are you comfortable working with lady boss?
(Real meaning: Are you practicing gender discrimination?)
A: Ladies are more detail and thorough in their work. I can learn from them.
(Wrong Answer: I prefer men as my boss. Ladies are too fussy.)
Q: How would you react if you have been scolded for the mistake done by your subordinate?
(Real Meaning: Do you take full responsibility for mistake done by your subordinate?)
A: I will check actual place, actual parts and actual problem to analyse and determine root cause. Then, with the help from my team, I will come up with proper PDCA. (Deming Cycle, plan, do, check, act)
(Wrong answer: I will punish those responsible for the mistake.)
There you go. Good luck, have a pleasant and confident interview sessions ahead. After all efforts on preparation part has completed, you guys must also say your prayer. Thats the true meaning of 'tawakkal'. "Berusaha & Berdoa"

Faces of Desperate Men

I have not enough money for the petrol, my slippers also "putus" at this time. What a mess!!

Who the hell unzipped my pants while I'm sleeping. We could talk it over for consensus, at least do it when I am awake larr.

Don't worry boss, go ahead and sleep. I am guarding your bag and belongings now.

I am so pale nowadays. Opps!! no wonder larr so cold. Why the girls keep staring at me? 

Ho Chiak Hokkein Prawn Mee at Perai Megamall Food Court

Today, we went out for dinner at Perai Megamall Food Court on Ground Floor.
The food there were not so bad, but the Hokkein Prawn Mee was splendid.

The Penang's comfort food, Hokkein Prawn Mee. Sooo good!! RM4.00

The original Penang Char Kway Teow. Nicely done. RM 4.00

The Hainanese Chicken Rice with a thicker dark sauce. RM4.00

The good old ABC, RM 3.00

After main course, we went for a cheesy snacks at Bread History Located in Level 1. Bread History's cheese cakes are the best in town. Comparable to 5 stars Hotel standard in taste and texture.

On the right side, Royal Chocolate Cake, RM 5.20. Not so heavy, not too rich, not too sweet but indeed unforgettable chocolate indulgence. The way I like it.

Bake Blueberry Cheese Cake, RM 5.20. This one a real classic, the coldness and smoothness travelling along your throat. I wish I had a giraffe throat to enjoy it longer. Ha ha ha.

 Bake Cheese Cake, RM 5.20 (on the back). Classic taste to perfection. What more would we want in a cheese cake. 

Ho Chiak cheese cakes, the best in town and the whole Seberang Perai, I tell you.

Friday, February 26, 2010

My Job Interview Experience

In 1996, I went for a job interview in one of the Giant Pharmaceutical MNC in Penang.
I was a Supervisor with US Based Hard Disk Drive company in Perai, Mainland.
At that time, I stayed in the Island and I was thinking to work back in the Island Side.
Travelling across the bridge daily make me feel tired. (Was it a reason or excuse?)
That interview was for higher level post, Senior Supervisor.

This is my "sengalest" + WTH experience.
But starting from this point, I promised to myself to become good interviewer one day.
On my 1st interview, there was HR guys asking general filtering questions.
That was easy to answer, par de problemme, mondai nai.

So, they scheduled me for second interview in the same week.
I took leave for second day in the same week for my second interview.
The 2nd interview went haywire from the beginning.
I waited for 1.5 hour for the interviewer to arrive.
I was so 'bengang' but in control.
This is Malaysian Culture, which I cannot  tolerate.

They started with the normal question and it went on until this question;
Q: Can you read technical drawing?
A: Yes, I do.

Q: Really?
A: Yes.

Q: I don't believe you. You don't have engineering background. In our place supervisor must have engineering background and must read drawings. Can you proof that to me.
A: I went to technical secondary school and than switched to Management in College. It stated there in my resume. Have you seen it?

At that time his face turned red. His partner, point at my resume and they were whispering.
Starting at this point, he started to become sarcastic. (as expected)
I was quite cool in handling difficulty, I wonder where my patient came from.
His partner was trying to make him stop but failed.

The last question was:
Q: Why are you asking for salary so high, this is way beyond our maximum range for this post?
A: (I was so mad, I cannot maintained my coolness anymore. This guy should be taught a lesson of a lifetime)
I went on like this;
 "WTH are you trying to proof here. You called me for 2nd interview without checking how much I asked for salary. You are telling me that maximum range is lower than my earning now. I wasted my BF leave for this nonsense".

I screwed him left and right.
I told him to reconsider going for job interview training because he was not even qualified to interview.
He was so mad at me but cannot even had a chance to speak because I kept on speaking in higher and higher tone and he was on the losing side due to his own carelessness.
Lastly, I thanked his partner and went home.
I felt so satisfied.
All inside my head poured out to that low level interviewer's faced.

Lesson Learnt:
1. Check your data thoroughly before you say something. Be prepared.
2. Its better to keep quiet, than talking nonsense and get yelled for it.
3. Assumption is the mother of all screw-up, even for an interviewer.
3. Do not screw interviewer like I did. (I couldn't help it anymore)

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Job Interview Tips for Fresh Grads-Part 2

Soft Skills - Leadership and Communication Skills Questions. (Very important for executives in technical to have a balance of soft skills and technical skills)

Q: Do you feel comfortable working in team?
A: Yes I do. I truly believed that with team, a project could be more organized, better coordination and bring faster result.

Q: Why is that so?
A: Team member compliment each other with individual skill. It's like jigsaw puzzle, every piece is equally important to complete the puzzle.

Q: Do you understand the importance of leadership?
A: It is very important because I need a leadership to get things done through other people, subordinate, peers and superiors.

Q: What do you understand about leadership itself?
A: Leadership is a process of influencing others to follow you and to do willingly things that you want them to do. It is the ability to get things done through other people.

Q: What would be your approach in leadership?
A: Leading by example. I have to show good example for my subordinate to follow my instruction. If I am a late comer, I won't be able to lead my subordinate in punctuality.

Q: Do you think communication is important?
A: Yes indeed. Bad communication could jeopardized quality, increase cost and affect delivery. It can also demoralize subordinates.

Q: What do you mean by that, can communication break-down demoralize subordinates?
A: Yes, when insufficient information supplied to them, and they perform the job wrongly because of that.

End of part 2 (more to share)

Words of Wisdom

“He who would learn to fly one day must first learn to stand and walk and run and climb and dance; one cannot fly into flying”.
-Friederich Nietzsche
German Philosopher

  “The very essence of leadership is (that) you have to have a vision. It’s got to be a vision you articulate clearly and forcefully on every occasion. Yon can’t blow an uncertain trumpet”.
-Father Theodore Hesburgh
former President, Notre Dame
  “ An individual without information cannot take responsibility; an individual who is given information cannot help but take responsibility”.
-Jan Carlzon, President
Scandinavian Airlines

  “ At Matsushita, 1st we built our people, then we built our products”.
- Matsushita San
Founder of Matsushita Company
  “Nothing is particularly hard if you divide it into small jobs.”
- Henry Ford
  “ I’m always amazed to see just how many things there are that I don’t need.”
Greek Philosopher

  “ A well stated problem is half-solved”
-Charles F. Kettering
American Inventor
" No safety, no production"
-Soichiro Honda
Founder of Honda Motor Company
"You can only manage what you can control"
-Jim Mason
Ex US Army Captain

"Managers delegate and follow up. They get job done through people. Superman does everything on his own"

"Assumption is the mother of all screw-up"

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Human Behavior at Workplace

My last post was interview tips for fresh grads part 1.
Part 2 can wait for a little while.
I want to post something that spark a blink blink in my head as I read Me Myself and I (Hanim Husin)
Something got to do with human behavior at workplace.
This is raw idea based on my own experience managing human capital in manufacturing industry for many years.
How human behave at workplace depends heavily on
1) how they have been brought up by their parents
2) where they came from, geographically
3) how they behave at school
4) who they mix around with

President of Matsushita Company once said, "At Matsushita, first we build our people, then our products"
Why this Industrial Mahaguru said so?
Simply because school leavers has different set of behavior than what is expected by Matsushita Company.
Therefore, Matshushita Company really strive on changing the unwanted behavior that come together with the newly hired workers.
And because human are the most valued asset a company can have, Matsushita Company always focus on Human Capital Training and Development.
I strongly agreed with this approach.

My own approach in managing human behavior is basically based on Matsushita Company approach.
(Don't tell this to my Japs bosses, because they are fanatically groomed to follow only, our company philosophy in management practices. They even banned TPM, ha ha!)
Okay, one example is enforcing 5S practice at production floor.
This is tough task, I tell you my friend.
The major "atama ittai" is changing Malaysian workforce behavior towards cleanliness.
This is important reminder, please take note:
In enforcing 5S do not tell your subordinate, "Please make your workplace as it is your own house"
This is drop dead wrong!
Why ya?
Simply because assumption is the mother of all screw-ups!!
You don't know what his house cleanliness level is.
Imagine if he came from a home that is not so clean.
What will happen is, your cleanliness level and his won't be match.
There you go.
Your 5S will become "Semua Sama Sama Sapu Sampah!"

This is what I am trying to tell, Matsushita was right all the way.
We should set, visualize, communicate, train and follow-up what level of cleanliness that we want.
Never assume that they are readily understand your needs because human behavior depends heavily on how they have been brought up, where there came from, how do they behave at school and who they mix around with.
Their perceptions and yours are not the same.

Now you tell me how will this kind of people behave at workplace:
1) The school vandals
2) The toilet bloggers
3) The "kaki ponteng kelas"
4) The "lepak" king
5) The gangster or "kaki buli"
6) The list goes on until cow come home...

So, what are we going to do?
Don't tell me we are going to pick only the good one during interview for hiring.
People can pretend "skema" and "poyo" during interview..(I did that also, ahaks!!)
We follow what Matsushita did, we brainwash during early stage of hiring for a period of time then only release for operations.
In my workplace currently, we train newly hired executive for 6 months before releasing to his department.
This is somewhat, somehow duplicate Matsushita way, or our own company way, or whateverlah.
As long as its working.

Monday, February 22, 2010

Job Interview Tips for Fresh Grads-Part 1

Suitable Most for Applicants Applying Jobs in Manufacturing Sector
At work, they call me 'pakcik'. Some do that for the age gap. (I am 29 minus sleeping time, public holidays and Sundays) Some do that because of my clearly visible grey hair. Some do that because of my seniority in the field. (they said my knowledge is stored in my big tummy...adehhh!)
Those young executives, seek my opinion, mostly in work related problems. From how to make self explanatory reports to how to convince big investment approval. Some even ask for personal questions. (That involved 18sx quetions as well) Being such a 'kaypoh' and openly available for discussion, I will try my level best to provide answers. But like it or not, my way is not the mainstream way. Just follow my head.
Since my fellow bloggers, rossoneri and hanim ask about job interview tips, I will now share some of non-text book theories here.
1. Forget about making fashion statement, just stick to the formal look. 1st impression counts.
2. Men, please shave especially when you're going to Japanese company. It reflects your discipline and 5S (housekeeping and cleanliness).
3. Do not speak in other than English unless, the interviewer insists you to speak in Malay, Chinese, Japanese. Do not go against normality. You cannot follow your head here. Not just yet.
4. Even if you're not so fluent, speak in English. It shows that you have determination.
5. Be on time. It shows that you respect other people time and priorities. 
6. Wish your interviewer, shake hand, smile, being polite at this time is crucial. You don't want to spoil their mood do you?
7. Be ready mentally, keeping in mind that there will be a panel of senior officers wanting to know about your readiness for hiring. 
8. Check company website for details. You need to do this to show your great interest in the company.
9. Have a copy of resume in your hand for reference. You don't give conflicting data, dates etc. during job interview. Its show that you are a careful person... and also your integrity is at risk.
10. Say some prayers, trust me, you will need it.
11. When interviewer start asking question, look straight into his eyes and answer. It shows that you're confident.
Normal questions and expected answers would be:
Q: Tell us about yourself. 
A: Do not tell grandmother history. Make it brief. I am 25 years old. From Sg Petani, Kedah. I just graduated in Engr - Manufacturing, UTM, Skudai. Right now, I am still unemployed and I am looking forward to a challenging career with your organization.

Q: Tell us what do you know about this company.
A: Answer what you know from the website and add something like this, your organization has been in the industry for 20 years (example), with your wide range of quality products and services, strong R & D, I believed your organization will be my right choice to start a career.

Q: What make you think that you are fit for the job?
A: I have leadership quality. I have lead final project team and achieved the team goal in blah blah blah...,
Use I have done..., I have achieved.... to visualize achievements. Only promote your capability by what you have done and achieved NOT I can do this...., I can do that, blah blah blah..., 

Q: Some retro interviewer will ask this nonsense question, What are your strengths and weaknesses?
A: My strengths are:
I always complete my task early, I truly believe in team work, I am loyal, I blah blah blah...,
My weakness:
I have one weakness, I can't tolerate indiscipline. I can be very harsh when dealing with this situation. It shows in my face and it cannot turn normal for a long period of time. (there you go...) The point is make your weakness become strength, be creative. You don't tell this retro interviewer that you don't have any weakness at all. You don't want to insult their ego.

End of part 1. (Much more to share)

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Welcome to the real world - Career World

Wow lamanya cuti.
Esok aku kerja selepas 9 hari cuti CNY.
Aku kerja kilang manufacturing.(sama ar ngan ko punya field of study-Anem)
Kalau zaman sekolah dulu dah tentu tulisan jadi tak elok sebab langsung tak tulis apapun sepanjang cuti sekolah.
Tapi kerja lain la pulak ceritanya.
Esok pasti ada kerja berlambak menanti aku.
Bukan aku malas nak buat tapi tak sempat arr..(alasan orang malas)
So misi penting aku besok pagi ialah cari alasan yang sesuai kenapa deadline overdue.
Kalau terlepas kira bonus la.
Tapi kalau tak terlepas, dengar jer lah lecture dari boss selama 10 ke 15 minit.
Lepas tu habislah.
Semua orang buat show masing-masing untuk impress the biggest boss.
Macam ni lah kerja, dah berbelas tahun dan 8 organisasi, sama jer.
Cuma level of lakonan dan office politics yang berbeza.
Tapi yang penting walaupun overdue janganlah lama sangat.
Takut nanti Jepon Samurai X pancung kepala.

Masa belajar susah gaban.
Employment Act 1955, open book pon failed..ahaks.
Accounting la.., business finance la.., bla bla bla
Masa interview, soklan maut semua keluar.
What will you be in 5 years time? (WTF..I'll be immune to your nagging)
What will be your ultimate goal in this organization? (GTH kerja sampai pencen la)
How can you contribute towards QCD? (Ahaks! I like this question)
Macam biasa aku jawab semua dengan jawapan standard lah.(seperti yang dikehendaki oleh sipenemuduga)
So, of course la dapat kerja.

Tapi masa kerja, real job, semua berlakon.
Kalau aku buat skema, tak berlakon, jadi janggallah.
Sekarang ni kalau ada Engineer baru masuk aku cakap, "Jangan rajin sangat, nampak kami semua malas, bro"
Kalau aku tau camni, baik aku belajar seni lakonan.
Ujung minggu boleh buat part time berlakon filem ke drama ke.
(Watak perogol bersiri ke.., gengster kampong ke sesuai ar)
Ermm...ermmm...tetiba jer kerongkong aku jadi gatai.

Faces of Aesya Lutfiah Dhabitah

Happy Chinese New Year!

So many work to do. Don't know which one to start. Headache arr.

Customer Service can be an eye popping experience.

Front line service is a tough and challenging job.

It's a time to relax and unwind.

Dyesebel off from Serenia to dry land. many homework la...Adeh..SRJKC, what to do?

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Banana Story

Some people say, when you eat a lot of banana, no mosquito will bite you.
No wonder, monkeys can live in the jungle without mosquito disturbance.
One more thing, I think you guys know already, only female mosquito sucks blood.
No wonderlah it always 'ngee ngee ngee' around our ears. (blogger kak teh will shoot me later, hahaha)

Back to banana story....
Since my kiddo time, I always love to eat banana.
I can eat as much as 'korengge' eats at one time.
Meaning 1 or 2 kilos per consumption.
Back then, banana is grown in the backyard.
So I can eat as much as I can.
Now, pisang emas could easily cost up to RM 7.00 per kilogram.
Wow, thats make hell of a different.
So, I must cut down my banana consumption.

People say, marriage made in heaven and its true.
My wife also love to eat banana.
And as you guys expected, our kids love banana.
Other than raw form, I like to eat banana pancake (tempek) and Jemput-jemput (cekodok)

My unforgettable banana experience when I was 7 years old.
My mother woke up early in the morning and cooked cekodok for us.
She divided 8 pieces each for 7 of us, then she went rubber tapping and return home at noon.
Because I like it too much, my devil inside me insisted to tap 1 each plate so that I have an extra 6 pieces.
I have done that many times and never get caught. (it pays when you wake up early!)

One fine day, my big brother complaint to my mother that 7 pieces of cekodok was no longer sufficient for him. (He was eating so much, I guess he reached his puberty at that time)
My mother suspected my other big brother and scolded him.
He denied the accusation.
My mother purposely cook cekodok the next morning.
So my mum ask my sister to 'skodeng' and finally catch the culprit, me and myelf only.
Lastly, the least suspected one is the youngest kid who 'curi makan' more than the others.
I became 'hantu cekodok' since then.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Melayu Pulau Pinang dipinggirkan-Benarkah?

Lama dah tak post pasai sembang kedai kopi.
Teringat lagu cerita kedai kopi
Best gak lagu tu...
Sekarang ni banyak cerita pasal peniaga Melayu Pulau Pinang dipinggirkan oleh Kerajaan Negeri.
Sejauh mana kebenaran cerita ini?
Berat lah sangat tuduhan ini.
Aku kena pi buat field reporting la lepas ni.
Nak pi interview peniaga kecil dan sederhana di Pulau Pinang.
Tapi sebelum aku merapu lebih banyak, ada beberapa pemerhatian yang dapat diceritakan di sini.
Sebelum tu ingin ditegaskan di sini, aku bukan ahli politik.
Aku hanya pemerhati dari jauh.
Sudut cerita aku hanya berkisar ke nasib peniaga-peniaga kecil dan sederhana Melayu Pulau Pinang.
Mereka ni sebenarnya disekat sumber pendapatan jika tidak dibenarkan beroperasi di tapak pilihan mereka.
Kerajaan Negeri (MPPP) pulak ada kepentingan tersendiri untuk tidak membenarkan.
Maka terjadilah perbalahan kerana kepentingan yang saling bercanggah.
Pointnya di sini kalau lah aku peniaga, aku memilih untuk bayar saman daripada pindah ke tempat yang tak strategik.
Contohnya, peniaga kat Villa Emas, Sg Nibong, terang-terang dia cakap kat tv income dia boleh cecah RM200,000.00 sebulan. (Aku rasa lebih dari tu  sebab dia tak layan kalau hampa order mee goreng jer, ikan bakar baru servis cepat)
Bayangkanlah, gimana sih, mau disuruh pindah???
Inilah dia Jutawan Senyap seperti yang ditulis oleh Chef Dr. Rusli.
Taukey dia cakap, perniagaannya menyumbang kepada sektor perlancongan di Pulau Pinang.
Siapa berani menyangkal?
Ada kebenarannya sebab dah banyak bloggers post tentang kedai dia ke serata dunia.
Dan kedai dia memang famous dah.
Aku tak nak post sebab sakit hati tunggu mee goreng 1 jam masih terkesan di hati. (I am not an angel)
Pada pendapat aku kerajaan negeri mestilah terus jadi telus dalam menangani isu berat ini.
Pihak yang kalah politik di Pulau Pinang tidak harus menangguk di air keruh.
Aku rasa kalau depa kerja kuat dan fokus kepada kelemahan sistem pentadbiran kerajaan negeri, mungkin Pulau Pinang dapat di tawan semula.
Berpijak di bumi yang nyata, memang strategi politik ialah tonjolkan seberapa banyak kelemahan lawan kan??
Orang cakap kalau tak nak kena tanya banyak kat akhirat, jangan masuk politik.
Tapi jika kerajaan Negeri mampu meyakinkan pengundi, merekalah yang berhak memerintah.
Jika orang Pulau Pinang puashati dengan Kerajaan Negeri sekarang depa akan tetap undi.
So, tunggu apa lagi..kerjalah..jangan retorik jer lebih.(pembangkang-BN dan Kerajaan-PR)
Belalah nasib peniaga kecil dan sederhana Melayu Pulau Pinang.
Pengundi nak tengok action bukan cakap-cakap retorik.
Sekarang masa kerja, bukan kempen pilihanraya.

OMG Damn Hot

Northern Peninsular has reached up to 36 deg C!!
Aiyooo...juak ooo!!
If only I have Penang Road Chendol or some fresh lemonade.
I have read somewhere, hot weather increases crime rate!
Imagine what hot people can do when they hot.
One thing for sure, if I hot my blood pressure also go up (Manglish, ahaks!)
So please, don't make me angry, my ears will turn red and I will see my opponents smaller and smaller in size.
Once, in a meeting, I banged table and start cursing in all northern dialects due to my blood pressure increased.
When I mad, I will start cursing in English 1st, follow with Malay, then Hokkien and lastly Tamil.
You see, Tamil is always the last one and it will be the best impact in ultimate sarcasm.
Tamil will be best tool to screw people and re-charge their batteries.
Deyyy..Muthall .Ni kalembe..pooohhh...(with eyes popping effect, maximize hand gesture)
Please do not try this at home. (Very bad)
So hot weather couple with BP, could result more damages.
That was long time ago.
Now, as I turned 40, I am more calm and my table banger attitude has somehow disappear.
My cursing also is less nowadays.
But, while driving I still curse just to train my kids how to drive 'pemanduan berhemat'

Last time, when I was working in Beach Resort, one lady guest had gone mad due to hot weather.
She jumped in the pool after swimming hours (at night, no life guard)
After swimming she walked slowly from pool to Garden Terrace.
I was the junior waiter then, fresh from kampong.
She came straight to me and ordered cold drink.
I was electrically shock and drown in my own saliva.
She was half naked!!
I had sleepless nights for weeks.
You see how crazy people are, when they are hot.
I think the lady guest was damn hot!!!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Language and Communication - My respond to My Grammar Sucks Big Time by Sharminii Manan

Before I go far I will briefly explain about theory (boleh ka?, I try)
The difference between communication and language,
Communication is a process of passing information and understanding from one party to another by using suitable media,
In order to make a complete communication process, It has to be 2 ways flow.

Language is one of communication media.
No matter how good your language is, sometimes you are a bad communicator.
Some people, 'syok sendiri' until they leave their audience with big understanding gap.
We (bloggers) communicate with our audience (readers and followers).
It is necessary for us to pick most suitable language level to suits majority audience.
And also we will receive feedback and try to match the audience needs.
Normally we tend to serve majority.
Bare in mind that, our audience are our customers.
If we want return customer we have to serve them better by making them relate to what we are talking about.
But we have to keep our feet on the ground, (we cannot please all parties lar)
Simply speaking, majority wins.
Keep blogging Sharminii, I just love your writing style. (This is my feedback as your customer)

Monday, February 15, 2010

Chinese New Year Reunion Dinner with My Family

I am not kidding.
We had our 1st CNY Reunion dinner.
Just to have a feel....
Only 4 of us, Aesya, Liyana, my ex-girlfrend and I.
My son, Zubair working on CNY eve. (He choose to work in hospitality, nasib arr)
Later we he came back from work the poor guy met with an accident, fainted and robbed by good samaritans.
Got admitted in hospital, 6 stitches on the back of his head and released yesterday.

The place is Tom Yam Udang, Lot 1313, Bandar Jelutong, Penang.
There were many Chinese family also having their reunion dinner there.
A little history about Tomyam Udang.
It is a new restaurant branching out from the famous Bangkok Tomyam in Jalan Mahkamah, Bayan Lepas.
The one which is too popular for me to make a food review.
So is Tomyam Udang as good as the main branch?
The answer is yes for overall service standard .
The food are steaming hot, delicious, fresh and served very fast.
                                    Ample parking and space. Located in the main Jelutong Road.
Star fruit juice, a refreshing thirst quencher, so sedap, you cannot stop sipping.

Our main dishes, Kerabu Mangga, Tomyam Udang, Tomyam Ayam and Kailan Salted Fish.

Siakap 3 Rasa. Deep fried to perfection and the sauce was nicely balance between spicy, sweet and sour.
Overall comment is good but I think the signature dish, Tomyam Udang, could be even better if the prawns could be fresher. The dinner for 4 persons price was RM 53.00. No joke. It always cheaper here compared to others in the same rank.

After makan we went to see Percy Jackson at BJ Complex. 
The movie was damn good. 
In the beginning I thought its going to be boring. (tiru gaya sharminii
But as the story goes on it turned to be so entertaining.
We enjoyed our CNY eve so much.
Thanks to nice food and movie.
Aesya got her name on necklace.

 Food note: My ex girlfriend is my wife lar..20 years ago she was my girlfriend. Now....?

Saturday, February 13, 2010

I was a suspect terrorist and drugs dealer

Once upon a time, quite a long time ago, I was held by Immigration Department in Chicago, O'hare and Narita, Tokyo Airport.
In Chicago, I was a terrorist suspect and in Narita for illegal drugs possession.
You have no idea how its felt being kept for 3 hours interrogated at Chicago Airport before finally got release.
I was not scared but hungry...
At that time I have no beard on my face.
I was a clean cut cute boy. (Ahaks)
Neither did Bin Laden name came across in terrorism world.
(My middle and last name sounded like bin Laden... mine is bin Din.)
Whatever the reason was, it wasn't a pleasant things at all.
After 3 hours of hunger, I have been released.
In Narita, I was inspected thoroughly.
I was wearing my cowboy boots and big buckles.
I got my boots inspected and my belt buckle was unscrewed.
Finally, they released me after a complete body search.
It was so cold at that time even in summer time (if you know what I mean lah)
At that time I was so skinny, I weighted 47kg only.
If right now, in 78kg, I would't be that cold, (I got my natural built-in blanket around my body)
Lesson that I learnt from this 2 incidents were:
1) Never wear boots and big buckle while travelling internationally,
2) Never go to the US again (because I cannot change my name maa!!),
3) Sanusi bin Din is not Sanusi bin Laden

Happy Chinese New Year!!

In the last one year, there may be areas that I'd unknowingly offended you, please believe me that: 

It was done unintentionally, please don't get mad at me.

Therefore, please, everyone, cool down and extinguish the fire in you, 
? ? ? ? ? ? ?

拿出大俠風 ?nbsp; ,別計較嘛!! 
Be a hero, don't be so calculative. 

It's going to be Chinese New Year soon,

Whether you're in a rush to get married,

"Balik Kampung",


or taking a vacation, I hope you've a happy time.

Don't forget to water my mailbox occasionally.



 !!   一定要幸福喔 !! 

The cards were originally sent to me by Catherine Heah and Rio De Poh Aun. 
I recyled to all my followers and tree cutting involved.

Friday, February 12, 2010

Langkawi Trip 2008

Beach Restaurant near Berjaya Beach Resort. The foodie here cheap and sedap.
Ho chiak.. why chiak be liaw?

"I thought I am a lizard"

Beringin Beach Front, near Beringin Beach Resort, one of the budget hotel in Langkawi.

Black Sand Beach

Fisherman Tent, view from Black Sand Beach.

Black Sand Beach sunset

Just came back from fishing trip, Black Sand Beach

My favorite beach in Langkawi, Pasir Tengkorak Beach (Skull Sand)

The other side of Pasir Tengkorak Beach

What else could we asked, crystal clear water, white sand and hidden from mainstream tourists. Pasir Tengkorak Beach.