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Saturday, February 13, 2010

I was a suspect terrorist and drugs dealer

Once upon a time, quite a long time ago, I was held by Immigration Department in Chicago, O'hare and Narita, Tokyo Airport.
In Chicago, I was a terrorist suspect and in Narita for illegal drugs possession.
You have no idea how its felt being kept for 3 hours interrogated at Chicago Airport before finally got release.
I was not scared but hungry...
At that time I have no beard on my face.
I was a clean cut cute boy. (Ahaks)
Neither did Bin Laden name came across in terrorism world.
(My middle and last name sounded like bin Laden... mine is bin Din.)
Whatever the reason was, it wasn't a pleasant things at all.
After 3 hours of hunger, I have been released.
In Narita, I was inspected thoroughly.
I was wearing my cowboy boots and big buckles.
I got my boots inspected and my belt buckle was unscrewed.
Finally, they released me after a complete body search.
It was so cold at that time even in summer time (if you know what I mean lah)
At that time I was so skinny, I weighted 47kg only.
If right now, in 78kg, I would't be that cold, (I got my natural built-in blanket around my body)
Lesson that I learnt from this 2 incidents were:
1) Never wear boots and big buckle while travelling internationally,
2) Never go to the US again (because I cannot change my name maa!!),
3) Sanusi bin Din is not Sanusi bin Laden


  1. I never knew dat ppl would get confuse with ur name...x tepk plak sanusi bin din ada iras2 nama laden kt blakg..

  2. bin din and bin laden...,
    Surname nak sama (sounded like)
    tp I dont want to take risk.

  3. hemmm u jdik terrorist??ada bran ka??

  4. uih...
    haru mike...
    nama punye pasai pun leh sangkut yea...
    body search tu, dema check ujung rambut sampai ujung kaki ka?

  5. depa check smua skali la...
    malu la
    seb bek belum jd tapir mcm skrg

  6. huiyooo-rugi oo kalo takmo gi US lagik ;D

  7. dexfab,
    tu arr problem gak ni.
    esok2 bisnes trip ke US cane lak?
    xpa tahun ni pi Jepon dulu..
    len x pi US.


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