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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

OMG Damn Hot

Northern Peninsular has reached up to 36 deg C!!
Aiyooo...juak ooo!!
If only I have Penang Road Chendol or some fresh lemonade.
I have read somewhere, hot weather increases crime rate!
Imagine what hot people can do when they hot.
One thing for sure, if I hot my blood pressure also go up (Manglish, ahaks!)
So please, don't make me angry, my ears will turn red and I will see my opponents smaller and smaller in size.
Once, in a meeting, I banged table and start cursing in all northern dialects due to my blood pressure increased.
When I mad, I will start cursing in English 1st, follow with Malay, then Hokkien and lastly Tamil.
You see, Tamil is always the last one and it will be the best impact in ultimate sarcasm.
Tamil will be best tool to screw people and re-charge their batteries.
Deyyy..Muthall .Ni kalembe..pooohhh...(with eyes popping effect, maximize hand gesture)
Please do not try this at home. (Very bad)
So hot weather couple with BP, could result more damages.
That was long time ago.
Now, as I turned 40, I am more calm and my table banger attitude has somehow disappear.
My cursing also is less nowadays.
But, while driving I still curse just to train my kids how to drive 'pemanduan berhemat'

Last time, when I was working in Beach Resort, one lady guest had gone mad due to hot weather.
She jumped in the pool after swimming hours (at night, no life guard)
After swimming she walked slowly from pool to Garden Terrace.
I was the junior waiter then, fresh from kampong.
She came straight to me and ordered cold drink.
I was electrically shock and drown in my own saliva.
She was half naked!!
I had sleepless nights for weeks.
You see how crazy people are, when they are hot.
I think the lady guest was damn hot!!!


  1. HAHAHAHAHA....just wondering, actually ur main point is 'the hot girl' right? not abt the weather , rite?...hahahah

    ye lorrr, even hari ni tak kuar matahari (kat tmpt sy lah), tapi bahangnyeeee, boley buat kain kering sehhh...

  2. rossoneri,

    ha ha ha..
    you have not missed a single point
    pandainyer anak sapa nih?

  3. kemarau apa lak baru jer ujan
    panas jer
    x kemarau lagi

  4. org tua2 kata,
    kalau cuaca panas berbahang,
    tu tandanya nak hujan,
    seminggu ni kan asik panas jer siang mlm,
    haa.. td ptg dah hujan lebat!!

  5. tu arr heran tol tgh2 panaih tiba2 ja ujan lak
    kuasa Allah!!

  6. it's hot lately and that's y we can see more hot ladies outside..hehehe

  7. bareessence,

    OMG no wonder I keep seeing more hot ladies out there...its the weather!!


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