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Saturday, February 27, 2010

Faces of Desperate Men

I have not enough money for the petrol, my slippers also "putus" at this time. What a mess!!

Who the hell unzipped my pants while I'm sleeping. We could talk it over for consensus, at least do it when I am awake larr.

Don't worry boss, go ahead and sleep. I am guarding your bag and belongings now.

I am so pale nowadays. Opps!! no wonder larr so cold. Why the girls keep staring at me? 


  1. Kenwooi,
    I took it on my last trip to world park china.
    the angle is so arousing.
    my cheap camera not bad kan?

  2. huyooo..
    pakcik lagi dasat dr saya!!
    ada skill gak nih

  3. raino,
    ko perli pakcik ek?
    pakcik motong getah jer
    mana pandai sgt
    tunggu arr juai sekerap byk2
    upgrade camera sket pasni baru clear.

  4. mau clear ka?
    tak yah upgrade camera,
    pakai spotlight jerr..

  5. raino,
    hampeh..pkai spotlight
    bw skali pi melancong huhu

  6. pkai spotlight lg murah..kalo nk upgrade camera yg sharp mau rm2000++..xyah buang duit..baik beli hi-goat..baik utk keshtn..

  7. F,
    Aikk? promote high goat nmpk
    wat bisness ke?
    saya ada stock baru sampai byk nih..
    boleh tolong? hahaha


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