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Saturday, February 27, 2010

Job Interview Tips for Fresh Grads-Part 3

Tricky Questions
Some interviewers in bigger MNC like to ask tricky questions.
Tricky questions are those seen okay to answer without deep thinking. (ha ha ha. I hate this deep thinking things, but they are vitals for recruiting capable leaders)
Q: Are you trainable and willing to learn new things?. Your background is in Electrical, what if we give you Mechanical job?
(Real Meaning: Are you adaptable to changes or you are a stagnant kind of person?)
A: Yes, I am willing to learn whatever new skills required to perform better in organization.
(Wrong Answer: I prefer to work in Electrical field because I applied for that position.)
Q: How  do you feel about cultural diversity? (WTH!!)
(Real Meaning: How do feel about working in a multi-ethnics organization?)
A: I feel that diversity make us stronger and harmonized. A good balance of ethnics groups, is useful when its come to doing overtime during annual celebrations, Hari Raya, Chinese New Year, Deepavali etc.
(Wrong Answer: I don't prefer to work with "tuttttt" people. They are lazy bumps.
Q: Are you comfortable working with lady boss?
(Real meaning: Are you practicing gender discrimination?)
A: Ladies are more detail and thorough in their work. I can learn from them.
(Wrong Answer: I prefer men as my boss. Ladies are too fussy.)
Q: How would you react if you have been scolded for the mistake done by your subordinate?
(Real Meaning: Do you take full responsibility for mistake done by your subordinate?)
A: I will check actual place, actual parts and actual problem to analyse and determine root cause. Then, with the help from my team, I will come up with proper PDCA. (Deming Cycle, plan, do, check, act)
(Wrong answer: I will punish those responsible for the mistake.)
There you go. Good luck, have a pleasant and confident interview sessions ahead. After all efforts on preparation part has completed, you guys must also say your prayer. Thats the true meaning of 'tawakkal'. "Berusaha & Berdoa"


  1. thanks again.. really interesting and helpful =)

  2. kenwooi,

    always u the 1st to comment.
    really fast arr..
    this make me more steaming to write part 4

  3. salam.
    im not a fresh graduate.
    these tips really helpful not only for fresh graduate..yg dh bnyk pngalmn pn blm tntu dpt jwb dgn baik..
    interviewer ke?

  4. rossoneri,
    ko rasa agak2 pas ni ada ketaq lutut lagi ke?

  5. zuliana,
    saya pon not so fresh gak. ahaks!
    adalah pengalaman sket jdi recruitment consultant slama 2 tahun.
    skrg wat part time trainer HRD,
    full time motong getah..hihi

  6. isk.. isk..
    hot betoi citer intebiu nih..
    saya dah byk tahun tak attend intebiu pon
    keja tangkap gmbr aa smp pencen! hehee

  7. raino,
    selain interbiu byk citer lain lagi nak citer ni, tp bz sket ar lately,
    getah naik harga, sekerap asyik kna curik jer.

  8. kalo aku ketaq lutut, lepas ni apa kata ang bg tips mengurangkan ketaq lutut...letak ais kat lutut ka, ikat lutut ka

  9. rina,
    ada-ada, tips mengurangkan ketaq
    bagi hilang terus payah sket

  10. sapa curik sekerap neh..jahat toi..ptt getah naik harga..ada org mkn sorg2...

  11. F,
    tu arr getah sekerap kna curik
    skrg kena letak security guard kat kebun
    operation cost up lagi


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