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Thursday, February 18, 2010

Banana Story

Some people say, when you eat a lot of banana, no mosquito will bite you.
No wonder, monkeys can live in the jungle without mosquito disturbance.
One more thing, I think you guys know already, only female mosquito sucks blood.
No wonderlah it always 'ngee ngee ngee' around our ears. (blogger kak teh will shoot me later, hahaha)

Back to banana story....
Since my kiddo time, I always love to eat banana.
I can eat as much as 'korengge' eats at one time.
Meaning 1 or 2 kilos per consumption.
Back then, banana is grown in the backyard.
So I can eat as much as I can.
Now, pisang emas could easily cost up to RM 7.00 per kilogram.
Wow, thats make hell of a different.
So, I must cut down my banana consumption.

People say, marriage made in heaven and its true.
My wife also love to eat banana.
And as you guys expected, our kids love banana.
Other than raw form, I like to eat banana pancake (tempek) and Jemput-jemput (cekodok)

My unforgettable banana experience when I was 7 years old.
My mother woke up early in the morning and cooked cekodok for us.
She divided 8 pieces each for 7 of us, then she went rubber tapping and return home at noon.
Because I like it too much, my devil inside me insisted to tap 1 each plate so that I have an extra 6 pieces.
I have done that many times and never get caught. (it pays when you wake up early!)

One fine day, my big brother complaint to my mother that 7 pieces of cekodok was no longer sufficient for him. (He was eating so much, I guess he reached his puberty at that time)
My mother suspected my other big brother and scolded him.
He denied the accusation.
My mother purposely cook cekodok the next morning.
So my mum ask my sister to 'skodeng' and finally catch the culprit, me and myelf only.
Lastly, the least suspected one is the youngest kid who 'curi makan' more than the others.
I became 'hantu cekodok' since then.


  1. love banana also..cekodok pisang, lepat pisang, susu pisang, kek pisang, plg best potong pisang y dah dikupas, letak dlm peti ais, pastu makan pisang y dah sejuk tu dengan susu cair,haih sedapnyeeeeee

  2. wuihhh pndai mkn pisang ni..creative and innovative...
    tu cold dessert tu..
    Lagi satu makan cereal+susu+pisang pon sedap.

  3. no wonder pisang boley dimakan dgn mcm2 cara..kna try neh...

  4. ada lagi ni peminat pisang
    boleh share resepi pisang ke?

  5. hahaha...dulu2 my mom pun devided cekodok camtu gak..maybe blajar dgn arwah Tok Ku mom pun ada citer pasal hantu cekodok ni...nakal tul pakcik ni dulu2 ye..

  6. ahaks.. anak menakan aku komen kat sini..
    ha ha ha hantu cekodok tu smp skrg ni..
    tp la ni berebut dgn anak pulak..

  7. pisang emas di bawa belayar,
    masak sebijik di atas peti,
    beli pisang misti mau bayar,
    memori hantu cokodok ingat sampai mati..!

  8. aikk..?
    siap pantun sekali.
    cekodok punya pantun arr...

  9. nak makan pisang

  10. ati,
    apa tu MOSKIE, macam monkey ek?


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