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Friday, February 26, 2010

My Job Interview Experience

In 1996, I went for a job interview in one of the Giant Pharmaceutical MNC in Penang.
I was a Supervisor with US Based Hard Disk Drive company in Perai, Mainland.
At that time, I stayed in the Island and I was thinking to work back in the Island Side.
Travelling across the bridge daily make me feel tired. (Was it a reason or excuse?)
That interview was for higher level post, Senior Supervisor.

This is my "sengalest" + WTH experience.
But starting from this point, I promised to myself to become good interviewer one day.
On my 1st interview, there was HR guys asking general filtering questions.
That was easy to answer, par de problemme, mondai nai.

So, they scheduled me for second interview in the same week.
I took leave for second day in the same week for my second interview.
The 2nd interview went haywire from the beginning.
I waited for 1.5 hour for the interviewer to arrive.
I was so 'bengang' but in control.
This is Malaysian Culture, which I cannot  tolerate.

They started with the normal question and it went on until this question;
Q: Can you read technical drawing?
A: Yes, I do.

Q: Really?
A: Yes.

Q: I don't believe you. You don't have engineering background. In our place supervisor must have engineering background and must read drawings. Can you proof that to me.
A: I went to technical secondary school and than switched to Management in College. It stated there in my resume. Have you seen it?

At that time his face turned red. His partner, point at my resume and they were whispering.
Starting at this point, he started to become sarcastic. (as expected)
I was quite cool in handling difficulty, I wonder where my patient came from.
His partner was trying to make him stop but failed.

The last question was:
Q: Why are you asking for salary so high, this is way beyond our maximum range for this post?
A: (I was so mad, I cannot maintained my coolness anymore. This guy should be taught a lesson of a lifetime)
I went on like this;
 "WTH are you trying to proof here. You called me for 2nd interview without checking how much I asked for salary. You are telling me that maximum range is lower than my earning now. I wasted my BF leave for this nonsense".

I screwed him left and right.
I told him to reconsider going for job interview training because he was not even qualified to interview.
He was so mad at me but cannot even had a chance to speak because I kept on speaking in higher and higher tone and he was on the losing side due to his own carelessness.
Lastly, I thanked his partner and went home.
I felt so satisfied.
All inside my head poured out to that low level interviewer's faced.

Lesson Learnt:
1. Check your data thoroughly before you say something. Be prepared.
2. Its better to keep quiet, than talking nonsense and get yelled for it.
3. Assumption is the mother of all screw-up, even for an interviewer.
3. Do not screw interviewer like I did. (I couldn't help it anymore)


  1. cool.. that's really brave of you.. shame on that interviewer!. =)

  2. Kenwooi,
    I am 26 at time.
    My boiling points was quicker.
    It wasn't a nice experience but I'd like to share it here just to remind us not to repeat the same silly mistakes.

  3. kulop ludin,

    lesson of a lifetime,
    he should be thankful,
    I gave him free lesson, hahaha

  4. pakcik memang dasattt..!!

  5. findingraino,

    tu zaman dulu la..
    la ni dah slow down..

  6. Rina,
    Tunggu la turn ko pulak..
    abih je crita interview the series ni,
    ko pun grad..
    ok arr kan?
    at least dah ada sket tips.

  7. itu lah pasal...cuak seyyyy..
    baca entry ko ni lagi rasa mcm esok je aku nak pegi interview..wawawaw
    hari tu kene lecture ngan abgku,
    dia suh aku wat ini wat itu...
    pergh takut2...

  8. sya rina,
    interv bukan susah cuma ketaq lutut jerr..
    aku seblum wat keja recruitment pon cuak gak..
    lepas dah interv beratus org dan aku sendri kna interv berpuluh kali., baru hilang ketaq.


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