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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Nasi Kandar Kampung Melayu; Still the Best Nasi Kandar in Penang

First of all, I would like to clarify one thing, I am not Nasi Kandar Kampung Melayu shareholder.
Hahaha, somebody suspected because my wife is originally from Kampung Melayu.
My review was purely based on the taste.
Actually this is my 2nd review, see my 1st review here,but this time I went to their branch which serves dinner.
It is located in Food Court, Jalan Thein Teik. (Blue Apartment)
The main branch located in Flats Kampung Melayu, close after lunch time.
Like I said before, I have tried all nasi kandar in Penang, whether restaurants or foodstalls.
But for 24 years of eating nasi kandar, I still prefer this one.

Ayer Itam view from Kek Lok Si Temple.

Not many people lining up at dinner time. If it is lunch time, you will see longer line and bigger crowd.

No words can describe.. Deliciousness make me speechless. Imagine the mild spiced 'flooded' gravy penetrating your ever wanting mouth. Tenderness of the squid,  simply the best!!

Don't worry to put more gravy, it is not too spicy. Make sure you have them mix all around. The secret of making your nasi kandar more delicious is to mix the correct gravy with your main meat/seafood. Different type of meat/seafood with different set of gravy. Adding a little bit by a little bit of your curry can only be mix by the expert hand of the man in-charged. Just trust the man, okay!

Those who are not familiar with the location, can refer to the above map or you can always google on your own.

I have heard so many opinions by bloggers of the so call mainstream big shot Nasi Kandar Restaurants, where they claim the best in Penang. Wait until you try this one. Kampung Melayu Nasi Kandar is not big, they only have two branches. They are not big chain restaurant, but their taste and delicousness has beat the rest of the bigger players. Don't just buy my words, go try it yourself.


  1. perrrggghhhhh!!
    pak cik ni kalau bab mkn, nmbr 1!!

  2. kenwooi,

    low profile crowd puller..where penangites makan.
    I've tried all, this one unbeatable.

  3. rainoserez,

    cuba try test tengok,
    jgn kata pak mentua lalu,
    laki lalu pon x nmpk..huhu

  4. alaa pakcik,
    dah laki yg lalu tu tak hensem, cuba yg lalu tu laki hensem, maunya terbeliak bijik mata, ahaks :p

  5. raino,
    bukan laki (lelaki) tp laki (suami)
    yang ensem dan macho..wakakaka

  6. mana ada gediksnya rainoserez
    kenyataan, laki ensem pon x nmpak kalu
    makan NKKM

  7. haish yang buat nak balik umah(wpun kat umah xada nasi kandar)...haishhh

  8. nak makan NK mesti mai penang,
    baru ori
    yg kat tmpt lain x ori

  9. pak mertua support tiket train lah...1st class punya...hakhakhakha

  10. amboi mak!!
    nak yg 1st class,
    high maintenance nih, wakakaka


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