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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

My Trip Back Home to Singkir Laut

Recently I went home to Singkir Laut, Kedah.
My village is in Yan District, near Tanjung Dawai.
Tanjung Dawai is bigger Fishing Town compares to my fishing village.
Our place is famous for local produce such as belacan (shrimp paste), keropok ikan (fish cracker), ikan bilis (local anchovy) and nira nipah (non fermented simple palm tree syrup-a type of swamp tree)

Merbok River, one of the oldest mangrove reserve forest in Kedah State. The nearby jetty complete with Eco-tourism facilities such as mangrove boat trip, fishing trip, floating chalet etc.

Our home sweet home. I was born in this house, delivered my traditional midwife. (I am retro!)

Laksa Kedah, another version of Laksa, slightly different in taste compared to Laksa Penang. Best served with small green chillies. So delicious, mind blowing.

"Nira nipah" with ice, earthy and sweet, naturally the product of swampy area palm tree near my village.

This is how "nira nipah" look like up close. 

My brother in law promoting local beverage, "nira nipah".

My girlfriend also likes "nira nipah", just like local kampong folks.

Other than local produce, my place also famous for Bujang Valley Archeological Museum, in Merbok.
If you want to see and feel something different in your holiday, go to my place.
Bring mosquito repellent along ya.!


  1. oh laksaaaaaaaa....
    baru tau belacan =shrimp paste.. ngeeeee

  2. wah..ur wife beautiful lah..

  3. singkiaq laut.. haha.. wat a name! singkiaq darat ada? singkiaq langit? ahahaa.. ampon pakcik!!
    tp kmpg pakcik memang cantik, hijau, nyaman.. saya suka kmpg! saya suka rmh kmpg, suasana kmpg, angin kmpg, org kmpg (err.. tak brp suka!)

  4. rina,
    wat lawak ar tu..
    laksa kedah sedap wooo..

  5. rainoserez,
    hahaha, infact ada 6 singkiaq semuanya di dalam satu mukim,
    1. singkiaq laut
    2. singkiaq darat
    3. singkiaq paya
    4. singkiaq genting
    5. singkiaq badong
    6. singkiaq kedai keling

    singkaq langit takdak!!

  6. serious pakcik??!
    singkiaq ada 6 tempat kesemuanya? (sebut cam 'dragon ball ada 7 bijik kesemuanya!' hahahhahaa..!!) waahhh.. saya baru tau! tp pasai apa singkiaq langit tadak? ini tak adil.. tak adil...

  7. Rainoserez,
    Tu la pasai, sama la mcm permatang kat area seberang perai, permatang manggis, permatang binjai, permatang tinggi A, permatang tinggi B, permatang 3 ringgit, permatang bla bla bla..sampai tak larat nak sebut..


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