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Friday, March 5, 2010

Opposite Gender Sexual Harassment Victim Experience (For Men)

Normally women will face this problem.
For men, we seldom hear complaints.
Is this because of no issue or they actually like being sexually harassed.
Have you ever been harassed sexualy?
If you do, please share by commenting. (ada beran?)
As told by Wikipedia harassment can only be considered a crime if there is no concensus regarding sexual advances (moves) by both parties.

What if, at first I agreed on those sexual moves but later think otherwise?
Sexual harassment is too broad issue, sometimes too subjective.
Once I went to a training with lawyer, he said if a man eat a banana in a way that showing a sex-like act, it is consider sexual harassment.
Aiyahh!! annekuan na..see liau!!
You tell me how to eat a banana without some sort of sexual act visualisation.
The answer is, you need to cut your banana in pieces before you actually eat them!
Haa..there you go, from now onwards men, you guys need to practice this.

How women eat banana?
Now the question is what about women side?
They are eating banana same like us men did maa.
How come we never complain?
Furthermore it's visualises our "things" kan?
Men, please comment.

Once when I was younger, I have been sexually harrased.
It happened in a factory where I worked.
I worked in a all ladies production line at that time.
There were no men around except me and myself alone.
Jeng jeng jeng!!

Suddenly the power went off.
No Electricity, black out.
Then, I felt a soft hands grabbing me from my back.
(You know la what she grabbed, no need explain in detail)
I was shocked and paralyzed for few minutes.
When the electrical power resume, I saw around 20 girls there.
I don't know which one harassed me. (I would like to know)
I also didn't ask.
How to ask?
Do you think HR manager will belief me?

Guys it's your turn to tell your side of story.


  1. dia tak sengaja pegang kot??
    masa tgk dua wanita itu, macam mana reaksi muka mereka, adakah mereka tersengih2...jeng jeng jeng, atau muka tundukkk je..

  2. rossoneri,
    amboi mak nak tau detail ni hahaha
    bukan dua org, satu line 20 orang.
    semua wat muka poyo la..
    for sure bukan x sengaja
    I just know! hehehe (aku cam geds jer)

  3. wah nok, maksudnya memang mereka suka dan sengajalah ...tettttttttt...mesti pakcik rasa hot kan time tu..bukan xnak ngadu kat HR sbenarnya..wawawawawa

  4. menyeramkan atau menyeronokkan pakcik?haha ;D

  5. rossoneri,
    ko mmg dengki kat pakcik..hahaha
    mana ada, pakcik teraniaya nih (sob sob sob)
    tiada tmpat mengadu huhu

  6. dexfab,
    paralyse seketika..
    tak sempat nk rasa apa2
    terkezut biawak komodo

  7. dlm tekjut ada rs syok ka??hahaha :p

  8. pakcik kena sexual harassment??! huuuiihhh.. betoi kaaa..? ker pakcik yg meng'sexual harassment'kan 20 org aweks tu..? hahahaha.. amponn pakcik!!

  9. F,
    tak dan nk rasa apa2

  10. rainoserez,
    pakcik makan sayoq la
    chiak chai nia
    lu be hiau ka?


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