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Thursday, March 4, 2010

Marrying An Engineer (True Story)

The Engineer and The Frog by Si Nelayan
This story pop up after I read the above story.
Don't try this at home. (Just for sharing fun story)

Sometime we have to tell white lies.

Sometimes things are not better in their true form.
Sometimes, in order to reduce damage, we had to tell lies.
Have you got this kind of experience?

Let me tell about my friend’s story.
This is true story happened in early 90’s.
Jamal (not real name) was the ever charming and chubby guy.
Jamal met a girl, Nita (not real name also).
I didn’t asked how they met, but surely not through facebook!
She was a medic student.
Jamal was madly in love with this girl.
So did the girl.

Nita came from well to do family.
Jamal was a normal guy working in Gambling Arcade in an Elite Golf Course in Selangor.
So, you see where I am coming from?
It was not easy for Jamal to actually win Nita’s family.
It’s going to be like typical Hindi or Malay movie.
Jamal had to do something to salvage his love.

Jamal was a very good strategist, even he studied until form 5 only.
How he outsmart the rest of people make me salute him.
His strategy was so daring, others would fear to even think of it.
So, one day they went out for the first date.
Nita asked him about his job.
Jamal said he was in his final year doing some engineering degree in a local university.
There you go, future engineer, not bad at all for a future doctor to be.

It went on until Nita graduated and they got married.
Nobody knew that he wasn’t an engineer.
Nita got posting in Penang and he followed and worked in the same hotel with me.
Nita had no clue that Jamal was actually working in a hotel.
She thought her husband was working in a factory somewhere in Bayan Lepas.

During working as a waiter in coffee house, he was on habitual sick leave.
So, I checked out of curiosity, where he bought the MCs.
Later he told me that his wife was a GP at government hospital.
Wahh! Interesting, how on earth that this ordinary guy could marry a doctor?
Then, the above story came out.

He was “kantoi” big time after Nita pregnant (first baby), what to do?
I asked him how he got away with the engineering bluff for so long.
He told me that he actually studied basic engineering terms on his own.
The last time I met him, he was an Inbound Tour Manager with big tour company.
I wonder, how slumber he was during job interview!

Lesson Learnt:
1. Nak tipu pon, do it in style. Ilmu mesti penuh di dada.
2. Si Nelayan, check betoi2, adakah your future husband really an engineer.
3. Kalau tipu berdosa, nanti kat akhirat jawab sendiri.


  1. hmm.. why Nita become Rita in the end wan? lol..
    interesting story tho =)

  2. kenwooi,
    laa typo ahh,
    because that was not her real name la.
    excuse (the real thing is, I curi write in rush at work) then posted without checking.

  3. sinelayan aa nih, nak sgt kawin dgn engineer, hehe..
    tp, memang salute aa si jamal tu,
    tp, cemana dia bleh terkantoi?

  4. raino, guess what,
    bos tepon umah dia bini dia angkat..
    "helo, saya ryan dari Hotel M, Jamal ada?
    bla bla bla..kantoi arr..

  5. wow, gila lah...
    nita n jamal ni still together2 lah skrg?

  6. rina,
    ya loh,
    Alhamdulillah masih bersama.
    Hopefully berkekalan.
    Ko mau ek engineer palsu?

  7. tipu ker palsu ker..
    kalau dah berkenan, layan jerrr..
    kalau dah jodoh, tak kemana
    cinta itu buta? ker org yg bercinta tu buta..? ahaks!

  8. raino,
    ko frust ek.., bf ko ngan awek siam.
    jgn arr buat keputusan terburu-buru
    org bercinta mmg buta
    sbb suka raba-raba (kids don't try this at home)

  9. hahahahah pakcik!!
    geds mender..?
    mana ada frust laa..
    citer dah basik dah laa..
    ingat ingat lupa dahh :p

  10. Raino,
    bukan ko yg geds,
    pakcik gelak geds hahaha
    carilah pengganti,
    Insyallah jumpa suatu hari nanti..ekeke

  11. engineer laa encik jamal tu..
    dia ada problem, pas2 dia bleh solve..
    temporary counter measure tu...hahaha..

  12. azry,
    hang mmg pandai.
    dia tu mmg ar otak engineer.
    temporary countermeasure hahaha.
    last sekali permanent countermeasure.
    I like!!

  13. i wonder sapa lg yg ada experience cmni..mcm best ja...

  14. ish mintak simpang okey,
    xmaulah palsu2...
    paling benci palsu2 ...wawawa

  15. rossoneri, skrg byk benda palsu per, sedar dgn tak sedar jer..
    pakcik, kenen2 aa engineer hensem kat tempat pakcik tu sorg, ahaks!

  16. F,
    dok suruh geng blogger lelaki buat pendedahan kat sini, sapa pon xnak buat.
    xdak kot pengalaman hihi

  17. rina,
    mcm azry kata,
    temporary countermeasure
    azry engineer (betui bukan palsu)dia tau la haha
    (promote azry-eligible bachelor)

  18. rainoserez,
    ya loh, gigi palsu, rambut palsu, rambut hitam palsu, etc..
    mau engineer yg ensem jer,
    abih yg x hensem nk letak kat rope walk? ahahaha

  19. azry not available..
    concentre on keja (skema gila) hahaha..
    azry seorang part time jaa...

  20. azry,
    footballer mesti body fit nih
    (promosi ek?, kata not available)
    bukak cawangan la hahahaha

  21. Cawangan sedia ada pon xlarat nak bela dah....huahuahuahuahua..pakcik len laa..kan kan..

  22. azry,
    hang jgn dok wat statement pelik2,


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