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Friday, March 12, 2010

Catching Up with Old buddies at E & O Hotel

The most 'high end' hotel in Penang. To know E & O is to love E & O.

The back view of E & O Hotel, make you feel like you travel back in time.

Coffee house open air seating.

View from coffee house open air seating.

Tanjong Tokong can be seen from E & O Hotel backyard.

E & O hotel is one of the best ranking hotel in Penang.
Located in 10 Farquhar Street, 10200 Penang, Malaysia.
For further information visit: Official E & O Hotel Website

On 10th and 11th March 2010, I went for a public training held in the hotel.
Wow, so siokkk!!
Not only because I can learn new set of skill, I can make some foodie review and meet old friends.
My ex colleagues, who are working in  the hotel (plus my son who also work there)

The training went on interesting, thanks to Dr. Saravanan Murugeson, Principal Consultant of Reeds Holistic Management.
He is an expert in Best Practices in Warehouse Management and many more things.
He can be reached at:

Serious looking Warehouse Executives and Managers.

The most 'stylo' warehouse senior executive in white shirt, during coffee break.

 My course mate and our facilitator (with necktie) enjoying buffet lunch at Coffee house.

Bob Lee, Executive Chef, the man behind  all those superb culinary experience at E & O Hotel. Known for his " hell kitchen" management those days in one of the 5 stars beach resort in Penang. But now, he became more cooler. (He he he) I know this culinary genius since 1988 (We worked together before). His cooking trophies and awards are comparable to Siti Nurhaliza in the singing industry.

Penang Char Kway Teow expert, Chef Ah Fatt, working at buffet line. E & O Hotel buffet lunch is serving freshly cook pastas and local delicacies.

Chef Ah Fatt's Char Kway Teow, one of the best in Penang and some say, the whole Northern Region. (I ate it, trust me)

My old buddy, Chef Kalimuthu handling the griller. He is the ever loyal Bob Lee follower and one of the most promising chef in the industry.

Chef Kalimuthu grilled seafood, a fusion touch. Serving local sauces with the grilled seafood was a brilliant idea. The seafood are local and freshly served.

Another promising talent under Chef  Bob Lee, Chef Abdullah at the pasta section.

Steaming hot spaghetti in classic tomato sauce with seafood. Sprinkled with formaggi de grana. (grated cheese, parmesan - show off, ha ha ha!) 

My own version of seafood platter. Unagi (sea eel), shrimp, preserved fish and lettuces, served with thousand island sauce. Simply, light and easy. (A lot more to stuff in my readily extended tummy)

A touch of Japanese taste at the sushi section. A Japanese guest will surely feel at home.The fish was so fresh, you can eat it on its own without the wasabe and soy sauce.

My version of kebabs, a funny combination but who cares what goes in my tummy. Chicken kebabs, grilled salmon, grilled shrimps, fried spring roll (popia) and keropok ikan (traditional fish crackers)

This is my own E & O coffee house signature dish. Pumpkin soup, a simple pumpkin soup, I don't think so. I guess something "fishy" going on. Must be some sort of crustacean stock, lobster, crayfish, prawn or something. My course mate recommended, I liked it very much. Smoothing!!!.

My course mates enjoying lunch in an English style surrounding, full with English colonial memories.

Mr. Muhammad Zubair Tsaqif, one of the F & B service staff @ my son.

Chef Ang and Pastry Chef Mariam were camera shy. 
They are also the backbone of superbly delicious food at the coffee house.
Both are also my ex colleagues in 5 stars beach resort 20 years ago.

You might wonder how can I consumed so much food at once. 
Actually it was two days lunch lah..(Ingat perut stokin ke?)
But anyway, I highly recommend the coffee house buffet lunch for an ultimate eat all you can experience.
If we could not afford the high end room price, don't be sad, be a walk in guest once in a while and just enjoy your English style surrounding lunch at coffee house.
The food and service were up to the six stars level.


  1. wa.... lucky you la mr sanusi...
    all good food...
    i wish.. i was sitting next to you and consume all..
    my stomach is much2 bigger than the ordinary socks!!

    i wonder if they accept credit card.. haha!!

  2. Amboi mak en kulop,

    speaking london noo..naik ketaq lutut saya bila cikgu omputeh ni mula speaking..

    credit card ok larr, definitely they will accept one.

    Next trip to penang, come and eat at E & O, we will see your credit card statement later. hahaha

  3. wahhhhhh lawanyaaaaaaaa....


  4. Hey..dont forget me..Im working thr!..


  5. laa menantu x tdo lagi..
    anata sushi suki des ne??
    lawa kan hotel ni 6 biji bintangnya.
    anak pakcik hok jate tu keja sini lah..

  6. haha my son,

    I didn't put yr photo becoz u never follow my blog..hahaha..

  7. hait, totemo suki des. tabetai yoooooooo... hakhakahka....
    eheeeee, ni y buat nak dtg Penang lagi neh, hakhakhakahka...
    wahhhhh, dia ada blog..(betapa gatalnya sy hakhakha,jgn mare pak mertua)

  8. haish rina,
    mana ada mare suke adele,
    lgpun dia tu tgh frust sbb break-up
    cinta terhalang..mcm gambaq hindustan belakon kat hongkong.

  9. waahhhh pakcik!! dasat gilerrr aahh.. bleh access hotel nyer kitchen tu! ada lesen besaq nih.. :))
    neway, hensem gak eh anak teruna pakcik. tp.. takmo aa berebut dgn rina, ahaks! :p

  10. rainoserez,
    bukan masuk pun kitchen,
    dok kat luar saja..(fobia kitchen kat hotel)

    anak mmg ensem mcm bapak dia!! ahakz!!

  11. alololoolo ciannya diaaaa...
    hakahkahak hindustan belakon kat hongkong???? in hongkong plak dah

  12. rina,
    awek dia lari balik hong kong
    sian kat dia

  13. terliur tgk pics of all the food..yummie

  14. F,
    Lap dulu air liur tu..hehehe

  15. dah best ja ur son keja situ..tringin nk p tdoq sna...apakata u open table kt sna once?mudahan murah rezki u..

  16. banyak ar open table kat situ,
    kat nasik kandaq ok lah hahaha

  17. Stylo Senior ExecutiveMarch 19, 2010 at 11:27 AM

    the best experience in my life.... suppose to be a study course but it became eating course for 2 days... ha-ha-ha.

  18. Stylo,
    hahaha...agreed with u,
    eating course and escaped from work for 2 days.
    the best part: makan free!!


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