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Saturday, March 27, 2010

Thank you my Fellow Bloggers!!

Thank you so much!! My arms became insufficient in length to show how much I am thankful to all.

Today this blog age is 2 months and 3 weeks.(approximately 80 days old)
It has to date 70 posts, 0.875 post per day to be exact.
My Nuffnang debit balance is RM 9.00. (Ok what?)
Not so bad for a beginner cum busy family man. (I had to push my own button, if not the elevator won't go up)
It also been followed willingly (or forcefully, I follow you, please follow me back kind of strategy) by 50 powerful heads. (90% are bloggers who owned an outrageously mind-blowing blogs of thoughts and stories)

If only I knew how wonderful blogging could be, I would have done it long ago.
In my 80 days of blogging, I have shared and gain so many things with the blogging community.
At my age (do I have to say this?) and experience, I still see so many new idea to learn from my fellow bloggers.
As I blogwalking, I saw my knowledge level becoming outdated.
So, I quickly grab new knowledge shared by bloggers and readers.
In my line of duty, I need fresh idea to cope with the ever changing needs. (WTH! actually I am doing public training; I need fresh idea to avoid my audience hibernating while lecturing)

I have seen health blogs, photo blogs, food blogs, travel blogs, shopping blogs, personal blogs, Islamic blogs, art blogs, creative writing blogs, politic blogs and many more blogs (the list goes on).
Bloggers blog for many reasons.
Some for money, building friend network, sharing idea, releasing anger and stress, for fun etc. etc.
What we have in common is, we speak our minds and share it with the blogging community.
That's what I love about blogging community, we are colorful and yet we blend together in harmony.
We complement each other skills and knowledge and some even made us laugh and feel better.

Honestly, blogging and blogging community has directly enrich my knowledge and pushing up my happy meter. (I actually became happier but I think my wife felt otherwise because she said I have taken Miss Lappie as my dark lover ('kekasih gelap') since blogging...aiyahh! annekuanna, sii liau maa)
I also made new friends and connection. (I added some to my friend list at Facebook)
Those who wants to know my other side of story, kindly add me at Facebook ya.
I have a squadron of immediate family members and relatives there!! (I got to behave myself there)

So my point is, Blogging and blogging community has been my new source of knowledge.
And for that, I salute all bloggers with all the respects and admiration.
You are my source of inspiration, friends and some say a shoulder to release stress..(is it? hahaha!)
Thank you for your visits, advert clicking and comments.
Keep blogging and thank you so much my fellow bloggers.
You guys rock!!!


  1. all the best, it was fun to have you as well =)

  2. same here i just knew it for the last few months. tu pun dah rasa rugi

    anyway, keep blogging 'bakal pak mertua'! HAHA

  3. kenwooi,

    thanks for the spirit.
    its all about fun.,indeed I blog for fun originally, but now becoming my source of knowledge and inspirations.

  4. fatin,
    aikk lama x nmpak kat laman pakcik,
    cena nk wat menantu ni, x cukup follow-up ngan pak mentua, hahaha
    anyway, thanks for your support fatin.
    ko kna cabut undi ngan rina,
    dua-dua pon aku berkenan nk wat menantu..

  5. hahahakhakha, bakal madu bley patin??

    tu lah..kalau tahu blog ni best,dah lamaa buat open to public,slama ni private jek...and if i knew that i want to be an editor, haih i should do a longggg time ago..why laaa i just realize it what i want now...

    p/s: tomorrow got mocking interview, pray for me (dat i can wake up tomorrow morning hahaha)

  6. rina,
    Gud luck la..
    sharing is caring and happy blogging


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