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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Motivated by a T shirt?

My source of motivation came from a T shirt.
Why a mere T shirt can motivate me?

This is my current favorite T shirt.
My old habit die hard is if I like to wear something, I will always wear it until wear off.
This shirt was given to me as souvenir from Kumamoto, Japan by my friend Timmy Ang.

What I like the most is the material keep me cool all the time.
I don't like thick shirt because it make me sweating.
Hot weather can drive people crazy just like this story
Other than that, the black color hides my extended and renovated "front porch".

I think, I look tougher LOL.
The dragon picture also very cool and mysterious.
I like it very much and I think my motivation level is higher each time I wear this T shirt.


  1. hehehee..
    dasat aa pakcik :)
    cam ganas jer gmbr dragon tu, ala ala taiko tuh!
    kaler hitam tu memang betoi2 cover your extended and renovated "front porch"!

  2. rainoserez,
    tu arr boley cover kan..
    cool, I like hahaha!

  3. rina,
    jgn jeles,
    yakuza punya taiko
    yg ensem dan macho
    eeleh pantun pulak

  4. in the future,when u go to japan PLEASE buy me one t-shirt as souvenier..for sure i will loveeee that t-shirt...i want to look tough toO~!

  5. Azry nanti aku beli kat hang k,
    C.O.D ya!!


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