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Saturday, March 13, 2010

Old Town Cafe, Take Your Time (Enjoy it Slow-Slow)

Place: Old Town Cafe, Raja Uda Butterworth.
What I like the most, is the old style coffee shop surrounding.
Relaxing, cozy corner, no rushing, ban-ban chiak, take your own sweet time.

Lum Mee. Recommended.

                                          Chicken Hor Fun. Highly recommended.

Fried Chicken Platter. Least recommended.

Apek arr, ban-ban chiak. Ho chiak wooo!!! Annekuanna, evelyday pun lai ooo.

Overall food in the menu selection are up to standard.
The Prawn Mee was quite delicious, the last time I ate it.
The price actually cheaper for an A class restaurant. (A rank for cleanliness)
Prompt service.
Go and enjoy it slow-slow.


  1. Kenwooi,

    My retro sense just love the old style coffee shop. Reminds me on those good old days with my dad.

  2. suka tom yam crabs kalau xsilap,pastu dgn air orange smoothie..waaaaaaaa lama xmkn...

  3. Ko ni la rina,
    pakcik dah bagi line kan..,
    len kali pi makan kat situ (line clear)
    sedap pulak tu..wakaka

  4. hakhakhakahakhak baikkkk, pak mertua

  5. rina,

    baiklah bakal menantu.
    wa ka ka ka!!
    (baek tul calon mentua ko)

  6. esok nk try...
    xsdp kaluuu....hari isnin tlg blanja mkn...
    set ?

  7. hahahahahah..!!
    jgn marah pakcik..
    saya bukan gila..
    tp, saya memang nak gelak nih!!

  8. azry,
    hang makan ngan awek, tak sdap pon jd sedap.

  9. rainoserez,
    mmg kuang asam,
    tengok apek makan pon nk gelak..
    gelak la lagi hahaha
    (apek tu pulun kan?)

  10. rainoserez,
    gelak x abih lagi?
    sambung sampai bulan depan.

  11. food kt old town mmg those yg ska mkn mee kari..y dont u guys try kt situ..sdap of my fren kalo p situ asyik mkn mee kari ja...dia smpi addicted dgn mee kari kt oldtown..

  12. F,
    Mee kari yg pekat tu ke..
    adehh..sedap tu mmg ar sedap,
    tapi sebab pekat sgt kalau makan dgn nasi lg sedap.

  13. mmg kari tu kalo mkn dgn nsik lg sdap...
    tp de jgk org xley trima mee kari...katanya xseswai mee dimkn dgn kari..

  14. ahahah,

    sama ar macam pakcik,
    boley buat geng nih


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