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Monday, February 15, 2010

Chinese New Year Reunion Dinner with My Family

I am not kidding.
We had our 1st CNY Reunion dinner.
Just to have a feel....
Only 4 of us, Aesya, Liyana, my ex-girlfrend and I.
My son, Zubair working on CNY eve. (He choose to work in hospitality, nasib arr)
Later we he came back from work the poor guy met with an accident, fainted and robbed by good samaritans.
Got admitted in hospital, 6 stitches on the back of his head and released yesterday.

The place is Tom Yam Udang, Lot 1313, Bandar Jelutong, Penang.
There were many Chinese family also having their reunion dinner there.
A little history about Tomyam Udang.
It is a new restaurant branching out from the famous Bangkok Tomyam in Jalan Mahkamah, Bayan Lepas.
The one which is too popular for me to make a food review.
So is Tomyam Udang as good as the main branch?
The answer is yes for overall service standard .
The food are steaming hot, delicious, fresh and served very fast.
                                    Ample parking and space. Located in the main Jelutong Road.
Star fruit juice, a refreshing thirst quencher, so sedap, you cannot stop sipping.

Our main dishes, Kerabu Mangga, Tomyam Udang, Tomyam Ayam and Kailan Salted Fish.

Siakap 3 Rasa. Deep fried to perfection and the sauce was nicely balance between spicy, sweet and sour.
Overall comment is good but I think the signature dish, Tomyam Udang, could be even better if the prawns could be fresher. The dinner for 4 persons price was RM 53.00. No joke. It always cheaper here compared to others in the same rank.

After makan we went to see Percy Jackson at BJ Complex. 
The movie was damn good. 
In the beginning I thought its going to be boring. (tiru gaya sharminii
But as the story goes on it turned to be so entertaining.
We enjoyed our CNY eve so much.
Thanks to nice food and movie.
Aesya got her name on necklace.

 Food note: My ex girlfriend is my wife lar..20 years ago she was my girlfriend. Now....?


  1. huuuiihhhh tgk gmbr jer pon dah nmpk mcm sedap giler, pakcik!! meleleh leleh dah ayaq liuq nih.. slurrrpppp!!
    nanti bleh aa ajak bf pi mkn situ plak, murah ek?

  2. murah dan sdp..
    ajak mak mentua skali
    baru 50 hinggit jer..

  3. haih, sedapnyeeeeeeeee...len kali kalo dtg penang nk g sini la plak...hehehe... bila lah ley g lagi nih...

  4. Mai jgn tak mai..
    sedap woo..
    walaupun tak dpt komisyen
    saya ttp promote restoran ni sbb mmg sedap..
    Len kali kalu ada field assignment kt penang jgn lupa pi mkn kat situ..

  5. huiyooo ..
    bwk famili jalan2..steady2..
    percy jackson mmg la best...
    tp ak terlena jugak time depa p vegas,
    dpa xsedaq, ak pon sama jadi xsedaq..haha..

  6. Pnah p jgk kt tmpt closest fren bwk p situ..mmg sdap sesgt..percy jackson mmg best r..wlpn dpt seat 3rd row from lyn...xdan nk rs lenguh pon...

  7. Z.Azry,
    Gambaq punya best pon tidoq..
    letih men futsal kot?

  8. F,
    Sedapkan a a tu arr..
    tp udang tu x freah arrr...
    ada kureng sket.

  9. xletih...tgk premier dia best..smp terlena..hahhaha..

  10. Zinedine Azry,
    ang buat keja len kot kat situ hihihi

  11. Assalamualaikum En.Sanusi,memang sodapp bebenor nampaknya,tapi yang tak sodappnya bila wife dikatakan "ex girlfriend" ada ke patuttt?? hehe..jangan marah aa... for me-lah kan..I'm still my hubby's girl-friend,dari dahulu,apalagi sekarang... betul tak bloggers? opinions please...

  12. Waalaikummussalam!
    saja jer melawak kakteh oii..
    dulu mmg dia awek saya selama 4 tahun
    pastu kami kawen dh 19 tahun
    mmg arr la ni rasa cam awek lagi
    sbb dia masih cun mcm dulu(maintain)
    tp faktanya dia mmg ex gf sy yg dh upgrade status jd wife.. itulah pendapat saya.. lagi-lagi ada tak lagi pendapat?


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