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Saturday, February 27, 2010

Ho Chiak Hokkein Prawn Mee at Perai Megamall Food Court

Today, we went out for dinner at Perai Megamall Food Court on Ground Floor.
The food there were not so bad, but the Hokkein Prawn Mee was splendid.

The Penang's comfort food, Hokkein Prawn Mee. Sooo good!! RM4.00

The original Penang Char Kway Teow. Nicely done. RM 4.00

The Hainanese Chicken Rice with a thicker dark sauce. RM4.00

The good old ABC, RM 3.00

After main course, we went for a cheesy snacks at Bread History Located in Level 1. Bread History's cheese cakes are the best in town. Comparable to 5 stars Hotel standard in taste and texture.

On the right side, Royal Chocolate Cake, RM 5.20. Not so heavy, not too rich, not too sweet but indeed unforgettable chocolate indulgence. The way I like it.

Bake Blueberry Cheese Cake, RM 5.20. This one a real classic, the coldness and smoothness travelling along your throat. I wish I had a giraffe throat to enjoy it longer. Ha ha ha.

 Bake Cheese Cake, RM 5.20 (on the back). Classic taste to perfection. What more would we want in a cheese cake. 

Ho Chiak cheese cakes, the best in town and the whole Seberang Perai, I tell you.


  1. kenwooi,

    I just recently discovered this, u see for all this while, I have been travelling back to the Island side just to eat all this. Now, easy, it's just nearby and save my bridge toll.

  2. drooling~~~~~~

    those pictures make me hungry~~


  3. Cheese cake tuh sdp sgt takley nk creta,
    kna mkn sendri br tau..ermmmm.

  4. ni mkn ka melantakk..ahhaa
    byk tu pakcik sanusi..mesti tolong perabeh utk budak2 ni...

  5. Azry..,
    tau tkpa..klu x cane perot aku nk selambak camni. dh mengalahkan tapir dah. huhu

  6. huhu..
    br0 mampu yer makanG semua nie..
    sy mampu teng0k jew la..
    lapar plk..hehE =)

  7. Azrai,
    Kami makan 4 orang la.
    mampu arr habis..

    kt sini makanan murah jer.

  8. cheese cake tu bleh lawan secret recipe kah?

  9. azry,
    ang pon taukan pakcik tak akan review nyer kalu x sedap, nnti senget periuk nasi org.
    sbb ang tanya pakcik jawab..
    S.R. kena tinggai 4 tiang la!!!

  10. slllluuuurrrrppppp!!
    mmmm!! mmmmmmm!!!
    neway, mee kari takdak?

  11. mee kari ada kat situ.,
    sedap gak.

  12. ya ka? kedai nmbr brp? skrg gak saya pi!!

  13. raino,
    kedai no 1st atau 2nd x ingat ah.

  14. wau 4 tiang kena tinggai..
    lps ni kna p try tgk kesahihannnya..ahhaa

  15. Azry,
    try la dekat jer
    k.batas ngan perai
    ken.... pon dengaq. hahaha


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