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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Language and Communication - My respond to My Grammar Sucks Big Time by Sharminii Manan

Before I go far I will briefly explain about theory (boleh ka?, I try)
The difference between communication and language,
Communication is a process of passing information and understanding from one party to another by using suitable media,
In order to make a complete communication process, It has to be 2 ways flow.

Language is one of communication media.
No matter how good your language is, sometimes you are a bad communicator.
Some people, 'syok sendiri' until they leave their audience with big understanding gap.
We (bloggers) communicate with our audience (readers and followers).
It is necessary for us to pick most suitable language level to suits majority audience.
And also we will receive feedback and try to match the audience needs.
Normally we tend to serve majority.
Bare in mind that, our audience are our customers.
If we want return customer we have to serve them better by making them relate to what we are talking about.
But we have to keep our feet on the ground, (we cannot please all parties lar)
Simply speaking, majority wins.
Keep blogging Sharminii, I just love your writing style. (This is my feedback as your customer)


  1. I do agree with you...pnah jgk ada experience one of my fren cmtu...english dia not bad kalo suh smpikan maklumat..konfem jdik tepon buruk...

  2. F,
    byk kes comm. breakdown berpunca dari org yg fasih berbahasa, kerana over confident dan syok sendiri...

  3. kna cermin diri neh..btolkn apa yg ptt..bhy kalo one day keja,asyik comm breakdown jek..cena nk jdik lecturer..

  4. ha ha tau takpa
    u nk jd lecturer kan
    jdlah yang terbaek dari ladang
    comm mesti tip top

  5. Hey.. thank for that support...
    and i hope my communication style is JUST NICE for everyone.. =)

  6. sharminii,

    I will always support my fellow blogger,
    just nice, go for majority..
    all the best, and keep blogging


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