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Sunday, February 21, 2010

Faces of Aesya Lutfiah Dhabitah

Happy Chinese New Year!

So many work to do. Don't know which one to start. Headache arr.

Customer Service can be an eye popping experience.

Front line service is a tough and challenging job.

It's a time to relax and unwind.

Dyesebel off from Serenia to dry land. many homework la...Adeh..SRJKC, what to do?


  1. hype!
    SRJKC mmg got a lot of homeworks,,
    but a lot of funs to0o0~

    miss my school time!

  2. Hi Hanim,
    I would rather send all my kids to SRJKC..,
    BUT no more lah...
    retired d..

  3. y no more?
    very good for their future...insyaALLAH..

    until now i still speak,read n write in chinese.

    satu kelebihan..=]

  4. anak bongsu lah
    yg lain dh besaq
    dah pencen ha ha ha
    kalu ada kes accident nnti,
    sure sy antaq ke SRJKC
    its sure make hell of a different at work esp manufacturing sector
    mark my word!!

  5. o0o0o..
    i also anak bongsu,n da only girl in family,dats y my parents anta chinese school.

    yupp..u r rite mr sanusi.

  6. Hanim..,
    U would be thankful to Pak Husin who sent u to SRJKC...
    If only Pak Din did the same, I would be at least operation mgr now or even GM..ahaks
    You see how lingo can make a big different!!

  7. aihh...xkan dah retired...
    br 29 kan² :)))

  8. ang ni lah...29 tolak tido n public holiday..
    aku dah nk masuk 40...
    nk dpt cucu dah sikit ari lagi ha ha ha

  9. hahaha...

    insyaALLAH one day u will.
    it's not too late to learn mandarin rite.
    still got time =]

  10. hanim,
    rite now m with japanese co..
    may be kena learn jepon dulu lah..
    atama ittai !!!

  11. haha..

    a few years ago anem ada in-charge dak2 jepun nye trip ke utm..
    mcm ayam n itik.
    during dat time i learn some japan phrases to make da communicate process bcm easier.
    they doesnt understand english.

  12. wahh.. wahh.. wahhhh..
    tayang anak plak kat sini, ahaks
    tau laa anak pakcik comey
    mau cari menantu ka?
    AZRY adaa..

  13. hanim,
    ckap pakai sign language la..
    lagi senang
    ckp lebih kurang pun xpa
    depa x paham

  14. rainoserez,

    mana ada tayang,
    saja ya... dh mta kebenaran dan dh sign royalty agreement dgn aesya..
    Azry tu dah tua..
    anak I br umoq 9 th..
    x kan ...ahaks

  15. comey aa anak pakcik
    nama pon sempoi
    jenoh aa.. time akad nikah mau berbelit lidah gak aa, hehee..
    sib baik nama bapak tak panjang gak!

  16. Wa ka ka..,
    betoi gak arr...
    xpa2 nnti suruh bf dia hafal betoi2.
    tp sebelum tu meh nak tengok:
    payslip 3 bulan, EA form, Borang J etc etc bla bla bla...


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