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Thursday, February 4, 2010

My Chinese New Year back home

First of all I would like to wish Happy New Year to all Chinese and 1/2 Chinese and non-Chinese who celebrate this festival.
I used to celebrate CNY with all my Chinese buddy back home.
We went from house to house collecting angpau.
There were 5 Chinese houses in my kampong.
I love Kuih bakul, kuih sepit and tarts.
Our Chinese community are small but the celebration were so happening.
They are so fluent in Malay, you cannot differentiate it on the phone.
They actually eat Malay food most of the time.
Eat with hand, 'bersila'on the floor.
The auntie were wearing batik sarong 'berkemban' and also 'mengumpat' with their neighbours.
Exactly like your own makcik.
They were so kaypoh, I got reported twice for smoking and gambling. (of course with their kids)
After we finished collecting the angpau and makan-makan, we also played mahjong, sa chap it, jimrami, ham etc.
One auntie has separate Halal kitchen for us.
I went to her house so often until her dog recognized my smell.
That was our gambling club where we trained entrepenuership.
To me color does not matter.
What matters the most is friendship.
I wish I could have the same condition now at work!!
Where color does matter.........


  1. dah terbau bau wanginyaaa buah limauuu..!!

  2. yeah..we should attend colouring competition here at work nowadays..

  3. rainoserez,
    jgn makan limau byk2
    nnti batuk..

  4. Cristiano Azry...pulak!
    ah ha gud idea,
    we shud compete in coloring at our workplace.
    sooner or later the head will get chopped by the Japs.


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