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Monday, February 22, 2010

Job Interview Tips for Fresh Grads-Part 1

Suitable Most for Applicants Applying Jobs in Manufacturing Sector
At work, they call me 'pakcik'. Some do that for the age gap. (I am 29 minus sleeping time, public holidays and Sundays) Some do that because of my clearly visible grey hair. Some do that because of my seniority in the field. (they said my knowledge is stored in my big tummy...adehhh!)
Those young executives, seek my opinion, mostly in work related problems. From how to make self explanatory reports to how to convince big investment approval. Some even ask for personal questions. (That involved 18sx quetions as well) Being such a 'kaypoh' and openly available for discussion, I will try my level best to provide answers. But like it or not, my way is not the mainstream way. Just follow my head.
Since my fellow bloggers, rossoneri and hanim ask about job interview tips, I will now share some of non-text book theories here.
1. Forget about making fashion statement, just stick to the formal look. 1st impression counts.
2. Men, please shave especially when you're going to Japanese company. It reflects your discipline and 5S (housekeeping and cleanliness).
3. Do not speak in other than English unless, the interviewer insists you to speak in Malay, Chinese, Japanese. Do not go against normality. You cannot follow your head here. Not just yet.
4. Even if you're not so fluent, speak in English. It shows that you have determination.
5. Be on time. It shows that you respect other people time and priorities. 
6. Wish your interviewer, shake hand, smile, being polite at this time is crucial. You don't want to spoil their mood do you?
7. Be ready mentally, keeping in mind that there will be a panel of senior officers wanting to know about your readiness for hiring. 
8. Check company website for details. You need to do this to show your great interest in the company.
9. Have a copy of resume in your hand for reference. You don't give conflicting data, dates etc. during job interview. Its show that you are a careful person... and also your integrity is at risk.
10. Say some prayers, trust me, you will need it.
11. When interviewer start asking question, look straight into his eyes and answer. It shows that you're confident.
Normal questions and expected answers would be:
Q: Tell us about yourself. 
A: Do not tell grandmother history. Make it brief. I am 25 years old. From Sg Petani, Kedah. I just graduated in Engr - Manufacturing, UTM, Skudai. Right now, I am still unemployed and I am looking forward to a challenging career with your organization.

Q: Tell us what do you know about this company.
A: Answer what you know from the website and add something like this, your organization has been in the industry for 20 years (example), with your wide range of quality products and services, strong R & D, I believed your organization will be my right choice to start a career.

Q: What make you think that you are fit for the job?
A: I have leadership quality. I have lead final project team and achieved the team goal in blah blah blah...,
Use I have done..., I have achieved.... to visualize achievements. Only promote your capability by what you have done and achieved NOT I can do this...., I can do that, blah blah blah..., 

Q: Some retro interviewer will ask this nonsense question, What are your strengths and weaknesses?
A: My strengths are:
I always complete my task early, I truly believe in team work, I am loyal, I blah blah blah...,
My weakness:
I have one weakness, I can't tolerate indiscipline. I can be very harsh when dealing with this situation. It shows in my face and it cannot turn normal for a long period of time. (there you go...) The point is make your weakness become strength, be creative. You don't tell this retro interviewer that you don't have any weakness at all. You don't want to insult their ego.

End of part 1. (Much more to share)


  1. hey this is really informative.. thank you for sharing! =)

  2. Kenwooi,
    sharing is caring..
    thanks for visiting my humble place

  3. rossoneri,
    thanks for your support
    I will share more tips...

  4. hehehehe...
    tq mr sanusi..really appreciate it =)

    mcm bg contoh bdasarkan my condition jer..
    " I just graduated in Engr - Manufacturing, UTM, Skudai"

    thanks for fulfilling my inquiry!

    waiting for da next part...

    thanx again =]

  5. anem..,
    ek e leh..
    mmg bg contoh ko pun..
    gerek seh!!

  6. wah...cmtu rpenyer nk kna tggu 2nd part..cant wait...

  7. Aikk?
    F pon nk tau jugak..?
    Takkan nk keja manufacturing gak kot?

  8. yeah..
    thats is what my lecturer told me :)
    im opis mangement student :)

  9. shamin asfar,

    same field, major HR Mgmt but working in supply chain, manufacturing..
    if you have strong mgmt skills and average technical skill to become good manager even in office mgmt.


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