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Thursday, February 25, 2010

Job Interview Tips for Fresh Grads-Part 2

Soft Skills - Leadership and Communication Skills Questions. (Very important for executives in technical to have a balance of soft skills and technical skills)

Q: Do you feel comfortable working in team?
A: Yes I do. I truly believed that with team, a project could be more organized, better coordination and bring faster result.

Q: Why is that so?
A: Team member compliment each other with individual skill. It's like jigsaw puzzle, every piece is equally important to complete the puzzle.

Q: Do you understand the importance of leadership?
A: It is very important because I need a leadership to get things done through other people, subordinate, peers and superiors.

Q: What do you understand about leadership itself?
A: Leadership is a process of influencing others to follow you and to do willingly things that you want them to do. It is the ability to get things done through other people.

Q: What would be your approach in leadership?
A: Leading by example. I have to show good example for my subordinate to follow my instruction. If I am a late comer, I won't be able to lead my subordinate in punctuality.

Q: Do you think communication is important?
A: Yes indeed. Bad communication could jeopardized quality, increase cost and affect delivery. It can also demoralize subordinates.

Q: What do you mean by that, can communication break-down demoralize subordinates?
A: Yes, when insufficient information supplied to them, and they perform the job wrongly because of that.

End of part 2 (more to share)


  1. sounds like business subject to me.. haha.. but nice =)

  2. Kenwooi,
    As interviewer my self, I cannot skip soft skills questions just to make sure I am not hiring highly paid technical competent "follower". I need a leader to replace me so that I can move up. Ha ha ha..

  3. wahhhhhhhh~pening jap...rasa cam takut je nak g interview hahah..slama ni g interview kedai runcit je hahahah

  4. rina,
    ko mmg..
    slalu ko buat field job interview org kan
    takut pa pulak..


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