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Monday, March 1, 2010

My Unforgettable 1st Time

Almost everyone has their own story, it's a matter of whether or not they want to share it with others. (apa jenis English ni?)
Mine were either funny or cool, I won't share sad story here.
Sad story can be shared at: Catatan Seni Ibnu Din Assingkiri (Cehh.. promote nampak!)
My aim here is for light reading, no heavy thinking involved.

My first time crush for a woman - 1983 (form 1)
She was my English teacher.
Those days teachers were allowed to wear mini skirt and low cut blouse. (fuhh sweating!)
She was drop dead sexy.

My 1st wet dream - 1983 (form 1)
This content was censored by FINAS.

My 1st pair of Nike shoes - 1985 (form 3)
It was a pair of running shoes I bought with my hard earned money from soft shell crab fishing.
It was rare to see nike shoes in my village at that time.
Damn proud (and show off).

My 1st stage performance in public -1985 (form 3)
School talentime.
Lost to a Hindi song singer.
So mainstream!
Mine was English song.

My first love - 1986 (form 4)
When I saw my wife for the 1st time crossing school's soccer field to the Electronic Workshop.
Kuch-kuch hota hei!!

My first Hand phone -1996
Motorola 1500 flip phone.
Ala walkie talkie size.
So huge and thick it could cause safety hazard.

My first nuffnang pay - 2010 (????)


  1. wahhhhh, kawin dgn 1st love..bestnyeeeee

  2. rossoneri,
    kuch-kuch hota hei!!
    cannot explain in words
    just feel it 'syahdu'

  3. best post ni,,

    nnt nk tiru leh?

    kuch2 hota haiii

  4. Anem ko mmg..
    lama tenggelam br timbul.
    boley tiru bila bf tanya soklan maut
    ko jwb jer, kuch-kuch hota hei!

  5. nk wat camner,,ternet kat kolej bengong..
    rini baru ok balik!
    dah hampir g reg broadband cel dah td..
    nasib baek tanya jer td,,x reg terus...LoL..

    soklan maut?

  6. kuang3, siannyer kat anem
    tu lar dok ulu sangat hahaha
    tenet mengong!
    sama la cam sya jugak 2x5

  7. alaaa..nak tau lebih lanjut ur first wet dream...ahahaha.. please make new post ASAP..

  8. bole tiru mcm u jgk la...kuch kuch hota hai...wet dream pon boley share ka?

  9. pakcik kawen dgn 1st love, kuch kuch hota hei..
    saya punya 1st love, dah kawin minah siam, aankh hei bhari bhari..
    stuju gak dgn carlos azry, post cepat!! hahahahah..

  10. Azry,
    ish-ish loqlag2
    harap muka jer skema

  11. F,
    Pon sama gak..,
    haish wet dream x ley publish kat sini,
    nnti kena ban.

  12. rainoserez,
    tu arr lambat sgt blajar ckp siam
    klu x kan dia x lari
    hi hi hi
    yg ni pon nk tau crita wet wet
    ishk loqlaq2.


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