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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Tips to Reduce 'Shivering' During Job Interview or Public Speaking

This is a response to Sya rina . Hopefully this can also benefit others. During job interview or any public speaking, normal human being will face certain level of shivering problem. So, it’s normal to shiver! Some people shiver on their feet, hand or voice. Some have a combination of two or all. Whichever it is, we don’t want it to affect our presentation.

Basically we shiver due to below reasons:
1. Stage fright
2. Fear of making mistake
3. Too shy
4. Language barrier

How to reduce shiver:
1. Stage fright – If you have a packed audience, focus your eye contact to the front row only. By doing this, you will see fewer people hence your shiver become less.

2. Fear of making mistake - Be prepared. Do your homework. Memorize important points.

3. Too shy - Imagination makes a different. You need to imagine that your interviewer or audience are those who you used to speak to.

4. Language barrier - Never start to use high level language. We must use normal, day to day conversation style language. This way, you won’t get stuck finding the right vocabulary.

Tips to reduce shiver:
1. Phase your speech. Do not speed until you are off-track.

2. Drink water. If no water, drink your own saliva. This will help to clear your throat. (When we shiver, our throat will become dry and our speech will be worst)

3. Hold on something, table, chair, rostrum, microphone stand. This will support your body and reduce shivering.

4. Say some prayers, trust me you need it.

5. For Muslims, my late father taught me this and it has proven effective in making me less shivering during public speaking. Read, "Surah Quraisy" as much as you can. If possible make it your “zikir”.

There you go, back to basic again, the concept of 'tawakkal'. "Berusaha & berdoa"


  1. hahaha terima kasihhhh...
    tak sangka ko wat gak post neh..
    aku main2 je...hahahah..
    terima kasih lg skali pakcik..

  2. Rina,
    ko tanyala lagi
    boleh wat modal posting (aku boleh letak link ko sekali..ahaks!)

    sama2 anakku,
    tu lah gunanya kalau ada pakcik!

  3. manyak bagus maa...thank u...

  4. thank you!nice info!mahal info ni-huhu ;D

  5. fab,
    shivering @ ketaq ni boley affect presentation.
    Klu setakat nervous / gemuruh je ok lg.
    Harap tips ni berguna kpd semua rakan bloggers.


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