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Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy New Year 2011!!

Happy New Year 2011. Cheers!!!!

In  couple of hours 2010 will say bye-bye to us. Happy new year to all my blog's visitors. I guess, all of us achieved our target for 2010. - If not all, maybe a few..:-) Personally I have achieved few significant things in this year.

Firstly, I managed to maintain my weight but also maintain my un-balance body mass index...goshh!
Second, I managed to add number 4 infront of my age counter...pheww! Anyway, I am happy being 40 because life begin at 40. Next year I will be 41 and life is going to be more challenging, hopefully. (I am trying to motivate myself)

Happy new year to all. Have a happy and prosperous life in year 2011.

Sanusi Din
31 December 2010.


  1. pakcik
    selamat tahun baru jugak
    maaf zahir batin
    mcm raya la plaks, ahaks!

  2. Raino,

    selamat tahun baru.
    semoga tahun ini cik raino akan bertambah sukses dan jadi kaya..., InsyaAllah.
    Maaf zahir batin.


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