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Monday, January 3, 2011

Trip to Cameron Highlands and Perak (Part 2)

Cameron Highlands (Continue from Part 1 )
What a beauty. I can spend whole day just to admire the beauty of Cameron Highlands sky. No wonder the British love it so much in the colonial time. 

One of the hotel in Brinchang.

My daughter Aesya; she "overdo". Not that cold actually.

Nice cup of coffee and a waffle to warm it up. Where are the tea and scones?

On our way back from Cameron Highlands quick trip. 

Perak, see also About Perak :

Our hotel stay  in Ipoh, Hotel Ipoh City-nice and cheap, RM 93 (USD 25)

Kway Teow Soup Ipoh.

Gigantic crowd puller, The Lost World of Tambun. see official website

Free Lion "puke" massage, Lost World of Tambun.
Natural Hot Spring 38 degree C in Lost World in Tambun, Ipoh.

Taman Jepun, Ipoh City

Journey to the West

Take it easy.. no free banana.

Galery Sultan Azlan Shah, personal collection of the King of the Perak State. People's King, Law maker and also involved in many sporting activities in his younger era.  

Ice cream sandwich, comfort food with a lot of childhood memories sold outside Gallery.

Sungai Kangsar Panorama, Kuala Kangsar.

Dataran Sungai Perak, Kuala Kangsar.

Classic swing bridge near Dataran Sungai Perak.

Taiping Zoo, night safari.

No joke!! Bistro in Zoo.

Public Holiday (Xmas) double with Malaysian School Holiday. So many people, yet so few animal awake. No animals' photo taken. I just follow the rules but, heck I saw people snapping photo like nobody business.
Our trip was fun and quick. Overall, Cameron was a relaxing as always. Perak trip also fun but the Night Safari was a so so due to out of controlled crowd and limited train service. If the Taiping Zoo could improved their train service, I think, they can always beat the rest in Malaysia. The Lost World of Tambun was world class. Come and enjoy "Cuti-cuti Malaysia"

Sanusi Din.


  1. pakcik,
    nice trip :)
    merahnyaaa la ur daughter, aesya!
    stoberi girl? hehe..

  2. raino,
    dia tu suka kaler macam tu..


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