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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Trip to Cameron Highlands and Perak (Part 1)

Recently, my family and I went to Cameron Highlands and Perak. The trip was fun and full of colors. This time I will let the photos tell a story.

Part 1. Cameron Highlands.

Cameron Highlands, tourist heaven and major vegetable producer in Malaysia. Reminds me of Berastagi in Medan, Indonesia.

Rose Valley in Kampung Tringkap.
This forest won't last another 10 years if not properly maintain by those involved in agro tourism here in Cameron Highlands.

Souvenirs stalls right infront of Rose Valley entrance.

Local Mint Leaves anyone?

I am no landscaping or garden expert, therefore I can only provide photo. I have no idea the names of this beauty.


Koi Fish pond in the Rose Garden. Just sit back, relax and unwind.

Cheerful and bright colors are for those who are daring.

I think flowers watching is one of the best mind's therapy.

Love me or hate me, I am just drop dead beautiful.

I fall in love with this green thing.

Guess what? Dried pumpkin. Remember Drunken Master movie? Pumpkin of this type can be used for storing wine and water. Exotic!!

White can be so calming...Agree?

So many plants, flowers and such.

The classic beauty, pink roses.

Roses are red, voilets are such thing here.

Do not pick or pluck the flowers.

Bird of Paradise

I like..I like.

Fresh highlands air. View from Rose Valley hilltop.

Pisang kaki, (literally means banana feet) fruit tree?!

There are so much more to share...But I think, better for you guys to check it out personally. The beauty of Cameron Highlands is just too good to be missed. Signing off now. Part 2 is on the way.
Sanusi Din
28 December 2010


  1. wakaka..strawberry dah abis sorry

  2. well is very tempting to come here, hehe my camera so itching to photograph the beauty of gardens and parks here....are very beautiful...:)

  3. Way Suwardi,
    Bro, If u come here, I'll be the host. what you need to do is bring your DSLR :-). Be amazed and let the photo do the talking.


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