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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Story About the Coolest Ambulance Driver on Earth.

OMG it has been years since my last post.
Been so buzy lately, "taihen des ne!"
I have not brought work to home for many years but now, I did.
Wa lau wei... why am I so workaholic nowadays?
Those are excuses for not posting..hahaha!

Well, to tell the truth, I am not myself lately, I am so hardworking, serious looking, skip lunch etc.
All this, plus all the positive things, make me an alien to myself. 
I am losing my very own self.
Atama ittai!!

WTH lah.. I am not going to loose myself again..
Now, I am going to post something my kind and my type.
This true "sengal" but funny story.
It happened on 14 July 1993, I remember well because it's my daughter's birthday.
She is my second child.
Wah, 17 years ago lah.. (so fast ahh!!)
She is going to sit for SPM this year.

Back to the story,
That day, my wife felt a pre-delivery pain etc.
It was not due date yet, I thought my baby wanted to get out early to see the world.
So, back then I only have "kapcai", so my brother in-law called an ambulance.
It took around 30 minutes for the ambulance to reach Ayer Itam from General Hospital, Penang.
I followed together in the ambulance.

As we reached Jalan Scotland, my wife felt the baby was so near and told the nurse about her condition.
The nurse told her to hold her breath.
I guess she didn't want her to deliver in the ambulance.
I wonder, if my baby was delivered there, what will be her place of birth in the birth certificate?
Imagine Scotland Road, he he he..nice.

In  emergency situation, the ambulance normally speed-up and on the ninoninonino sound but the ambulance went on so smoothly and quietly like nobody business while the baby was nearly delivered.
I was puzzled and a bit panic, when the ambulance stopped at traffic light.
I asked the nurse why an ambulance need to follow traffic rules during emergency.
She kept quiet. 
Finally we reached Maternity Hospital in Jalan Residensi.
As I registering, the nurse brought my wife straight to labor room.
Just within minutes she delivered a cute baby.
Fuhhh..! Finally all the agony and anger to the ambulance driver disappeared.

There you go!
For the record, that man was the coolest ambulance driver in the world.
If only they hired ex mat rempit or formula one driver for driving ambulance.

Morale of the story:
Don't hire "mat bendul + skema" as ambulance driver.

My daughter who nearly born in Scotland Road, Penang on the way to Maternity Hospital, Atikah Liyana Dhabitah in green shirt.


  1. otsukare sama deshita~

    xtanya blk ke kat nurse tu knp ambulance tu xbunyi??ke ambulance tu yang memang xada bunyi??

  2. Driver tu yg tak on siren sbb dia cool walaupun emergency..

  3. pak cik tak jengok2 ke? misti driver tu tgh sembang dgn awek kat phone, tu yg bwk cool jerr...

  4. wakakaka lawak of the year ni..
    1993 hanya tokey balak jer ada handphone yg sama saiz dgn botoi ayaq tupperware..
    dia tu bukan sbrg cool, cool tahap akaq dah.

  5. opss.. 1993 takdak hp eh? adoiii sadisnyaaa.. zaman apakah itu? cane la org hidup zaman tu eh? hahahahah.. (lawak cover :p)

  6. orang zaman tu xde sms, pkai telegram..surat menyurat dsb..lambat lah.

  7. so wut do u think bout zmn dulu n zmn skrg?since u were there at that time?though i pon ade la ms tu br 7thn...

  8. F, org zaman skrg semua nak cepat.., xpress!!
    org zaman dulu just relax, laid back, take it easy..
    Kalau antar u balik ke zaman tu, u cannot last for 24 hrs without hphone..kan?

  9. yep i first time ada hp my parents slalu mrah sbb diorg x lrt nk byr bil tepon..i seems to b addicted to smsing,calling.....


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