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Sunday, May 2, 2010

Low Fat Nasi Lemak

Yea-yea, I am back with more foodie to make you guys crazy.
It's my make you feel hungry..
What is Low Fat Nasi Lemak?
I have no idea, actually about the scientific facts but instead to coconut milk (santan) just change it with ordinary milk. 
It's not going to be original but don't worry about the taste.
It's still going to be as good as original nasi lemak with coconut milk.
The rice preparation should be the same but the herbs and vege should be fried separately then only mix into rice cooker and cook.
The secret to make your nasi lemak to be good until the last grain is the sambal. 
How to make a sambal with good balance of spicy, sour and sweet?
How to make your sambal become so shining?
The secret is simply be generous in your cooking.
Put a large amount of Indian Onions, it will make your sambal taste naturally sweet.
Choose the right type of dried chillies to avoid uncontrolled spiciness.
Cook your sambal until the blended dried chilly become evenly cooked and settled (pecah minyak)
There you go, the rest of the steps are no secret to you guys.
I have just exposed some trade secrets here.....

Look at the color and texture of sambal ikan bilis.

Hard boiled eggs nice to be served together beside sambal ikan bilis. (local anchovy)

The fusion setting of Low fat Nasi Lemak on mengkuang leaf table runner.

Special brewed coffee it is. Goat Milk coffee, steaming good health beverage to go hand in hand with Low Fat Nasi Lemak. What a combi!! Goat Milk is the answer for lower fat content milk products.


  1. adala nasi lemak yang low fat content.
    sikit pun jadilah..
    untuk mereka yang takut gemuk..

  2. pak cik takut gemok ka? haha..! rilet aa..
    hrmmm.. bila turn saya jadi guest lak? ahaks!

  3. btol2 rainoserez...bila kami2 nih nj jdik guest?

  4. rainoserez,
    sikit pon x takot, byk ada ar..,
    takot seluar semua xley pkai hahaha

  5. F,
    Hahahaha...nanti saya jemput

  6. kena cabut nombor ker pakcik? :p

  7. kalo cabut nombor..alamat sy x dpt la..bab2 cbtn bertuah neh..mmg pyh sgt nk dpt....


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