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Sunday, January 31, 2010

My Brodband Sengal in Kepala Batas

Why arr bad reception here?

I hate it, I hate it, I hate it
When I was in Teluk Air Tawar, everything went smooth,
Since end of December '09, when I moved to Kepala Batas my net connection like s@#t!
Imagine when you are in a high steam to move on but then disconnected
Its felt like uhhh...arghhhh...
Think to change but, I am in contract with the service provider.
It was my fault not able to foresee this ahead when signing the contract.
Sometimes I made silly mistakes...I am only human...and nomadic kind.
To console my blogger off-line situation I tried connecting via mobile phone to the same s@#t!
My mobile phone service provider also gave the same s@#t.
Come to think of it...,
Maybe Kepala Batas such an "ulu" place, whoaaa....
Sorry, sorry...I get emotional over connection issue..
I love Kepala Batas so much.
Nice place to stay or settle down.
It has almost everything you want in suburban area.
Not so busy compare to Seberang Jaya.
The best thing is you can still see kampong scenery.
The paddy field, the irrigations and the warm smile.
Just like back home in Singkir Laut.
Where people still greet each other and asking "apa khabar?"
I had encountered with one "pakcik" and after asking him "apa khabar?"
He said, he is not feeling well.
I asked him, "Pakcik sakit apa?"
He said,"Sakit Astro"
It got me puzzled for a second or two before he finally add, "Macam-macam ada!"
That's cool, I like him, being sicked with multiple illness but still can become "Raja Lawak"
Reminds me of my dad...


  1. tak baik aa ckp kb ulu.. kena saman nanti baru tau, haaa..

  2. pkaila streamyx msa kt umah..xyah ssh2 pkiaq psal coverage..


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