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Saturday, January 9, 2010

The Penang Laksa Attraction

What makes Penang Laksa is the ever addicted food especially among ladies?

I have no Idea but Penang Laksa my friend, is simply the best.

I do not have a confirmed history of Penang Laksa invention.

But that fella who ever he/she is must be a real foodie genius.

Malaysia has so many version of Laksa.

There are of course our beloved Penang Laksa, Laksa Kedah, Laksa Kelantan, Laksa Serawak, Laksa Johor and many more latest invention as a result of fusion from the above said Laksa.

I have tried all but my love sticks to Penang Laksa. (Can we do that in relationship?)

Actually I confess, it wasn’t my first love.

I was born in Kedah, and my first love is Laksa Kedah.

Laksa Kedah differs from Penang version, soup is lighter and of course the taste is also different due to type of fish use, salads, garnishing and served with hard boil egg.

Some even go further for additional sambal sotong and cucur udang.

But come what may, my love is still Penang Laksa.

Do you know that the aroma of Laksa soup can drive cats crazy?

It does also to most girls (and some men).

I guess girls and cats are similar in the way they walk, curious and determination. (Cat has 9 life-very hard to die one)

Girls, when they want something, forget about not letting them, they are so determined and energized to get it, whatever it takes.

Come back to Penang Laksa,

Laksa, sure drive people crazy one.

Laksa Pokok Janggus in Balik Pulau is pulling crowds from KL on weekends.

Imagine people would come down from KL just to have Laksa!

Is this a magnet or what?

The one at Ayer Itam Market even far better.

It pulls people from all over the world thanks to the nearby Kek Lok Si temple.

Imagine the roadside stall attached to wet market has gone international.

So what make people go ‘siau’-ly nut about Penang Laksa?

The soup making secret, of course la.

I have heard of people using tissue paper to thicken the soup!

And I have heard all sorts of crazy stories.

Cannot la like that, it’s not edible maaa.

I can live with **‘biscuit merry ‘as thickening agent.

But whatever it is, I am so fanatic about Penang Laksa I would eat it despite whatever gossip that came across.

Where do I go for an ultimate Laksa indulgence in Penang?

1) Ayer Itam Market (Please check Halal status)

2) Pokok Janggus, Balik Pulau

3) Pinang Plaza Food Court, Prai (Please check Halal status)

4) Padang Kota Baru, near Sunrise Building Open Food Court (Please check Halal status)

5) Tanjung Tokong, near old Tanjung Tokong Flats.

**Biscuit Merry is a round shape biscuit, sort of traditional crackers to the kampong folks. Some Mamaks use this as thickening agent for their mee rebus soup.


  1. 1. laksa kedah
    2. laksa penang
    janji jgn letak daun pudina, rasa mcm mkn ubat gigi!!

  2. m not a fan of kalo org ajak p mkn..layan ja..

  3. Asyik anonymous jerr..laki ka pompuan ni...
    >Pudina makan lepas habis laksa tu..baru mulut wangi!!
    >no laksa mkn free fan tak? Ahakzs

  4. kami x suka laksa..

  5. Hi hi hi..x suka laksa ya,
    resdong ke?
    ermmm nak post makanan apalak pasni?


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