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Saturday, January 9, 2010

What else Lunas could give besides Duck Porridge?

Lunas is always famous for Duck Porridge (Non-halal)

People from all over Malaysia come to the then 'ulu' Lunas to eat duck porridge.

Too bad I cannot comment on that because of technical problem.

But now Lunas has became important town in Kulim thanks to BKE and KHTP.

So what else could Lunas give beside the best non-halal duck porridge?

Those were the days when my friends and I used to eat the best soup in Lunas.

Syed Irwan, Naim, Choy, Lau, Ibrahim, Balwinder, and few more guys

I couldn't remember their names.

We used to go there after finish work in KHTP.

I do miss their company and the taste of all the soup at Pak Cik stall.

Pakcik stall are soup specialty.

Laksa Sotong, Bihun Sup, Mee Kuah and Mee Kari are the most wanted there.

There the best in Kulim and some say in Seberang Perai as well.

People say when a food stall can pull a Chinese customer, it must be good.

(Because they are the real makan king)

Pakcik has many Chinese customers.

The last time I went there, Pakcik has moved to the nearby Majlis Perbandaran Food Court.

Pakcik and wife no longer attending their shop.

His son and daughter is handling the business.

But the taste is maintain up to the original standard.

And the service level also is successfully maintain by new owner.

The must try there are the clear soup based mee, koay teow or bihun.

It has the similarity to Kway Teow T'hng but the taste is blended

with Malay spices and the interference was nicely done.

The soup comes with slices of fish cake , fish ball, and finely cut beef.

For those who cannot take beef soup, take it easy, its not the end of the world

There are abundant of choices.

For Laksa lovers, try something more daring like Laksa Sotong.

It comes with Sambal Sotong and Cucur Udang.

But you can always ask for the original Laksa.

The place is cosy, the food is simple yet delicious and the owner is friendly.

What else would we want?

It is located at Jalan Lunas, opposite fishing gear shop,

beside Plants Nursery and Rumah Murah Lunas.

Open from afternoon to night.

I have no idea when do they close.


  1. tengok perot arr!! renovated and extended d :p

  2. pakai pelaris kot..tgk meja makan dia dari dulu smp skrg dok byk 2 je..xtambah2 pn.sah2 tuduh orang kn..bdosa.judge sdiri le.

  3. hahaha.. mcm besa je pkai pelaris..
    jenis kera kencing dlm pinggan ke?
    x bek guna khidmat jin..
    syirik tu dosa tak terampun


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