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Sunday, January 31, 2010

So WTH with Grey Hair

A barber told me today just after I got my hair cut
"Uban tara pa bang, janji ada duit"
As my hair got cut all the "uban" are clearly exposed.
I am 40 to be in May this year.
Time go so fast lah lately so does the grey hair...
I got it from my father gen, he got it white all over.
So come to think of it, why bother covering those grey hair.
Eventually it will turn white as I grow older.
People said life begin at 40, I doubt that.
I think my life has begun at 15 (ha-ha-ha)
I bought my own nike shoes with my hard-earn money when I was 15.
I went for soft shell crab fishing.
It was lucrative side income then.
I felt like an adult with buying power.
Now, at 40 I have more things to catch-up with.
Thinking of career switch again.
Continue study...arghhhh....
My eldest kid at 19, started to give me money from his salary.(I couldn't believed it)
He was the one who went to school everyday and got 50% attendance.
I must say, I am proud of him (at last ahakz)
If he follow my my footstep and got married at 21, soon I will become grandfather.
So WTH with grey hair!!
My daughter is 17, and she has got a Malay+Thai+Punjabi+Indian look.
When we walk together at mall, she got men looking at her much more nowadays.
I pretend not to see those naughty eyes, but then WTH..,
My kid is no kid any longer..
So WTH with grey hair
I am more worry about my extended and renovated tummy!!


  1. rilet.. rilet.. pok cik
    steady aa.. tua2 memang ada uban!
    org muda pon ada uban skrg, heran per..
    jgn tumbuh uban penyakit yg gatai2 tu dah aa
    tak larat garu! haha..

  2. aikk?
    uban gatal?
    takper dah ada mesin garu skrg nih..
    xyah garu manual lagi!

  3. kalo nk rs muda y dont u think about ur youngest daugthter..msti rs muda pnya..xpon pkai la NONI...nmpk muda pa...

  4. extended tummy??
    hahahha...nnt dh dpt solution utk tu kongsi2 lahh..ak nak taw sgt2..huaahahah

  5. farah,
    aikk.. my youngest daughter dh besaq jugak..
    lagi 11 th dh boley kawin..

  6. why ya epoi?
    yr tummy dah extended ke?

  7. mgkin r tu..kalo x xkn dia tnya secrets from u..


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