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Friday, January 22, 2010

My head stop blogging

This few days my head stop blogging.
I have directed my thinking towards work.
So much more to do yet so little time.
I wonder if I still have time.
I need to start on new system.
Took over from ground zero.
Start to lead my team towards the right track.
It has been so many years of off-track practice.
I need to start kicking an ass or two.
Like what I used to do before, just to get things done.
I can't wait any longer. (Not power crazy!)
No time to loose because the Japs are not so patient.
Sometimes the best way to lead is autocratic way.
GTH mainstream management.
I got to go my way-follow my head!!


  1. yeahhhh..kick their asses ~!
    kick the 'action kamen' ass first..

  2. ha hah,
    U want to join??
    action kamen vs samurai x..

  3. samurai x la
    battusai the slasher
    kepara potong


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