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Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Roti Canai and teh tarik anyone?

In 2008 I went to Hanoi for some business trip.
It was Ramadan Month.
My friend and I both worried like hell of what and how to find our 'makan' especially during 'buka puasa' and 'sahur'
To our relief, as we arrived at the Hotel, the front office assistant manager was a Malay guy from KL, I guess.
He was speaking the central / southern peninsular malay dialect.
He gave us a welcome letter stated that all food served there are Halal.
The first question that spark out of my mouth, 'Siapa tanggung halal?'
Is there any Islamic Slaughtering House in Hanoi?
'Jabatan Agama Islam' Hanoi?
I was like a criminal lawyer asking star witness in court.
So the guy, smiled at me (as normal hotelier would do) and explain that all the meat are slaughtered by Muslim.
So I 'belasah' everything served to me but, the food there were terribly 'boh ho chiak'.
Remember our Hostel 'Dewan Makan' food?. Those were 3 times better than 5 stars hotel in Hanoi.
I simply couldn't  tolerate Pak Choy lightly blanched served alone without sauce or seasoning!!
But life must go I asked for soya sauce and chilly sauce and start renovating...
So after bad encountered with Pak Choy, my friend and I decided to look for Halal restaurant outside.
We asked taxi driver to bring us there.
After an hour of total 'sesat' we finally reach the Malay restaurant in Hanoi.
So we had our 'buka puasa' meal Malaysian style in the middle of bustling Hanoi.
The curry taste like canned or packed food something like Brahim's products.
The 'teh tarik' tasted original but the roti canai sure frozen one because there was nobody 'tebar'ing the roti.
Compared to the Hotel food, it was better because its has Malaysian taste (in a tin!!)
The bill settled by our host..ha hah. I love 'makan free'.
My 'kaypoh' eyes quickly 'ushar' the price of frozen roti canai. It was RM 9.00 per piece. Aiyoh!!
And the 'teh tarik' cost that poor fella, the 'ki siau' RM 12.00 each.
Imagine the amount of 4 of us 'buka puasa'!!
But our host salary paid in USD, he didn't care much.
And the Malaysian Chinese guy was so 'Muhibbah' he waited us for buka puasa and eat together.
There you are truly 1 Malaysia spirit.
Roti canai and teh tarik anyone?


  1. There..that one br pggil 1 malaysia spirit..expensive gilak ah mkn roti canai n teh tarik je pon..kalo kt cni teh tarik jes rm1.00 n roti canai rm0.70 only..berkali2 ganda mahalnya...seb bek mkn free..smua org suka kalo mkn free... :)

  2. Ha ha ha.. agak2 ar nk kapak org...brapa kali ganda tu?

    Kaya la pakcik tu..

  3. len kali kalau jln tempat pelik2, bwk jer stok meggi byk2..

  4. Makan megi byk dah...botak dah ni.. hihihi

  5. Kalo botak..pkai la shampoo noni..

  6. Aikk? iklan kat sini pulak. Dpt komisyen ke?

  7. ciak siang ka vietnam jarang makan roti canai kot..2 yang mahal sesangat..mau mintak kari kucing murah kot.

  8. hahaha, hanya MJN punya tagline, chiak siang ka bear...aritu u pi hanoi ada try ka? kari meowwww?


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