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Monday, January 18, 2010

Most Men Afraid of Ghost, Not Their Wives

I have one follower asking me to write about this.
So here I am, writing about this sensational issue.
Why men are misjudge?
The answer is when you say it in Hokkein, "Lu kia a boar".(you are afraid of your wife)
(Boar is so damn fierce, especially when they have small babies)
It's suppose to be a joke...come on!!
To my opinion, the way I see it, most Malaysian men are actually afraid of ghost not their wives.
Why lor?
It's simply because the do not want to seek problems that can end up in trouble with their beloved wives.
The biggest scare is when they have to sleep separately.
You see, men are coward, they are afraid to sleep alone.
And one things for sure, they love their wives so much they always keep quiet to an endless nags.
So the idea of Malaysian men are afraid of their wives can be dismissed effective immediately.


  1. Mcm x pecaya ja en.sanusi...i never knew anything like this...

  2. Betui la..,
    Lelaki takut hantu
    sbb tu ar depa x nak tidoq sorang

  3. klau aku xtakut hantu,adakah bermakna aku ni adalah hantu tersebut?

  4. pujek,
    ya la tu..
    antu dari utara
    byk lagi antu yg dok kat sbrg jaya..wa ka ka


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