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Friday, January 15, 2010

Ho Chiak Chicken Rice in Mak Mandin Area?(Halal)

The first thing people think about Mak Mandin Area is industrial area.
Yea rite, I work at that area as well.
So where do we go for makan during lunch?
We eat at canteen la, where else?
That is now, since we are not allowed to eat out. (Padan Muka!)
But before the new ruling took place on every Friday (prayer time+makan time), my friends and I used to eat at Mak Mandin Food Court during our Friday Prayer break time.
What we ate there for every week is the simple Chicken Rice.
I cannot remember the stall name, think its Selera Utara or something but it is the 1st stall from the Taman Bagan's junction.
The Chicken Rice there is simply delicious.
The Chicken is tender and properly cook to the perfection.
If the bone marrow is red in color then the chicken is under cook.
I like my Chicken Rice's chicken to be roasted.
But the stall owner deep fry instead but still with proper heat control, he managed to perfect the chicken.
The sauce is so damn good you would be asking for more (FOC-Don't worry).
Its not original Hainanese sauce but the stall owner has somehow maintain the main ingredients in the sauce.
Other than big chillies, small chillies, young ginger, vinegar, sugar and salt, I have no idea what they put in there that make you want to replenish it every now and then.
The dark sauce is just a mixture of soy sauce and chicken stock I guess, I didn't sense more secret in there but the taste is there, mild and soothing.
I hate the thicker sauce.
It just cut the excitement of enjoying chicken rice.
The rice is just nice for the Malays taste buts.(without sesame oil)
Aromatic, tender and not so heavy but if you 'tambah nasi' sure you'll be sleeping during Friday Sermon or back in the office.
The price is RM3.00 per serving.
Open from lunch time to dinner time.
They also serve all the Malay Noodles and Fried Rice.
And the 'Air Asam' drink there is so nice, you should try one (rugi tak cuba)


  1. dh jd kenangan..sbb compny dh bt rule..xleh kuar guna own transport.jd naik bus ramai2..mane mahunyer.

  2. woaini_87..,
    Mak Mandin is in Butterworth.
    From Plus Highway to Alor Star exit Permatang Pauh then turn left and after reaching 4th traffic light junction, turn right.
    You will see a food court.
    Its the first shop.

  3. eh wa lao wei.. ati how come u pegi friday prayer?
    nama pompuan ni..
    menyamar ek?


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